Friday, 3 April 2015

Checking in

Birthday flowers from my not-so-secret-except-at-work-admirer!

So what's been going on exactly?
  • it was my birthday yesterday and it was a lovely, low-key day spent with my sister who came up on Wednesday (and is currently en route to France for a big walk); dinner and drinks with my friend and The Scot; phone call with my brother; a couple of cards, thoughtful gifts and just feeling very happy and blessed.
  • Have been out several more times with The Scot. We've sat down and had a grown up chat about "this" and made each other very happy by realizing we both wanted to pursue it. He's asked me if I will read to him, which I thought was really neat. He's chosen Bram Stoker's "Dracula" to start, and I've bought a book that I read a couple of years ago and loved, and from the sounds of things, that he will too. But that's for after "Dracula." He wants my interpretation, thoughts and excitement of a story as well as hearing it in my voice (which he apparently likes). So... :)
  • I go from feeling really great at work to hating it, sometimes within minutes, so I really have to figure out - in my head and my heart - what I need to do about that. Updating my resume will be the first thing, getting a couple of copies printed off and handed out (Costa in town is hiring) will do me good, and starting to try and focus on what brings me happiness outside of work would be a good idea, rather than just hiding behind computer games all the time once I make it home every night.
  • Health-wise I'm doing a bit better than I was several weeks ago. I've been to the doctor twice recently, however, because I'm concerned about my monthly cycle. I've been "on" (as they say here) for 6 full weeks now and I'm fed up to be honest. I realize that I'm now at an age where I'm most likely in pre-menopause, but I'd like to rule out anything else and just want it to stop. The doctor wrote me a prescription for something that's supposed to stem the flow (but only during heavy days) but it doesn't seem to work, although I should give it more than just one try I suppose. I'm supposed to take it on heavy days and for no more than 3 days, but every day is a moderate to heavy day and I can't judge past that, so can I take it weekly? At any rate, I have to call on Tuesday for my bloodwork results then make another appointment with the doctor to do a few further tests and then...who knows? *sigh*
  • My sister (the energy worker) has the alternative suggestion that I'm purging 'something' from my body (literally & figuratively) and that it has something to do with the past and our upbringing.It does make sense - she seems to think that once I've made up my mind about clearing a few things up (job?) that it will stop when I have cleared "it" out. This makes sense to me, so I have a couple of days right now to focus a little bit on what I need to do and sort myself out.
  • Otherwise, I've been pretty happy. I've had a couple of weekends in the Forest, getting caught up with my cousin and a friend, cat sitting, etc. Have been reading a couple of books that I'm enjoying (The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England" and "Finding Your Own North Star") and have just bought myself a colouring book and coloured pencils!
I'm really glad it's a long weekend! Hope you all have a great one!


Gill - That British Woman said...

good to hear things are pretty good. Hope things get cleared up with the doctor!!

its me, sam said...

I had an ablasion done two years ago... no more periods at all... Oh... glad to know things are going well with the Scot... You're sister may be on to something good... Hoppy Easter... Tee hee...

Jane said...

Just a little bit more to be sorted and you should be all sorted out! I have never had a guy ask me to read to him...I have been asked to tell a story though which is of course difficult when you're put on the spot. But reading out loud - I love that!! What a nice connection :) Am very much interested in getting myself a colouring book - adult versions seem to be all the rage these days and I've always found it relaxing.

Canadian Saver said...

Love to read about you and The Scot :) So happy for you, hpe it works out!

I'm 42.5 and don't have a regular cycle anymore... my doctor sent me for an ultrasound this week, she is convinced I'm TOO YOUNG for menopause........... Honestly I'm very happy to not have to worry about my period anymore :)

Hope you get some relief soon!

T'Pol said...

So, he is The Scot now ey? :) Sounds like a very nice guy. I never knew there were coloring books for adults. Sounds like a good idea. may be I should check some art stores. Don't worry about work. You will find something that suits you best in no time hopefully.

The Asian Pear said...

heehee! I can't wait to hear about more stories of The Scot and you. :D He sounds very sweet.