Friday, March 13, 2015

Date details...for real! :)

While the day wasn't so great at work - one of the installers mentioned I didn't "look very happy today" - the evening WAS.

I opted to just wear something I'd be comfortable in, rather than feeling not entirely myself in a dress or something, even though I have a dress that I really like.

He picked me up (!) and we went for Thai food at a place in a village called Weybridge, which is very well-heeled (has the street with the priciest real estate in England so that should tell you a bit about the High Street too) and about 15 minutes drive. He ordered the wine - I don't usually drink it, but...okay! - and bought dinner and we spent three hours just chatting. The restaurant actually closed at 10:30, but we were there until 11:00, along with a couple of other tables. The servers were hovering a bit, bless them.

The food for the most part was delicious. He had some prawns which were a bit overdone, but overall it was terrific. If there's one thing I like to do, it's eat, so I think I have a box very firmly ticked there.

He's funny and interesting and entertaining and easy to talk to, even though he goes off in tangents. I do the same thing if I'm honest. It can take me ages to make a point, if I even get there, which I don't always. He told me he finds me really hard to read - I do tend to play my cards pretty much superglued to my chest - so was (pleasantly, I hope) surprised to find out that I was working up the courage to ask him out, pretty much the same way he asked me. So there's definitely a mutal attraction, which is always a good way to start...something. The co-worker aspect is a bit awkward, but as this isn't a "thing" yet, I think we're okay.

But I had one of the nicest evenings I've had in a very long time. And first 'not a date' has become 'second not a date.' We're going out to the coast on Sunday, so plenty of time to talk. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Date details...if anyone's interested!

I'm all adither here in London, as the "date" approaches. I'm ridiculously excited (he knows this) about it. So, here are the details to this point if you're at all interested:

  • we're going for Thai food in a nearby area which is apparently quite well-heeled, so...dress??
  • he's picking me up (!) and dropping me off afterwards (!)
  • I'm already stressing about what I'm going to wear, as I have very few clothes with me here. A visit to the Forest may be pending to boost my rather thin selection.
  • I'm terrified that my brain will shut off and instead of a fun, interesting time we'll instead spend it swirling food around our plates for an hour and avoiding eye contact
  • he asked me, funnily enough, in a manner very similarr to the one I was gathering courage to ask him
  • Tuesday night my friend and I are going to a psychic fair at a pub and I'm going to have a reading of one sort or another
  • Wednesday night I'm taking my very thin selection of clothing to the hotel where my friend is staying and she's going to help me prepare while we break down the reading from Tuesday night and overanalyse the crap out of it
  • Thursday night is (potentially) date night. I've sent him a text and am waiting to hear confirmation
  • omg
In other news, I've given notice at my job. I called my sister one night last week in tears and we talked for over an hour. I've been really unhappy, unproductive and unsupportive for ages and it was starting to affect me physically, mentally and emotionally obviously. I've given 3 months notice, but if there's a possibility to stay on in a less stressful position I'd like to. Otherwise, I'm going to peruse the job sites for a new position. I think I want to stay in the area, just not the job I'm currently in. We'll see how things pan out. I do, however, already feel better for having given it up. My friend needs someone she can count on, rely on, who can back her up and support her and I'm currently doing none of those things. She interviewed a fellow on Friday who seems quite keen and has a background in surveying, purchasing, construction and admin, so I think it will be a good fit. He lives in the next town and strikes me as very sharp. She's worried he doesn't have a sense of humour, but it's not like if it's not a good fit (either way) we can't get anyone else. It would just be nice to have someone very business-minded, like my friend is.

I joined the gym last week, had my induction and then promptly got sick, so haven't even gone once yet! Got a great routine, though, from the young lady who toured me around. It's going to be quite challenging, which is terrific. Determined to start this week, as I'm feeling much better. The Crush brought me soup (homemade to boot!) which was delicious - tomato, red pepper and a 'hint of chili' which was actually a BIG hint. Fantastic, but boy oh boy, I'm a lightweight!

I'm becoming friendly with my rooming neighbour as well, which is great. She's a Bulgarian woman and we spend time chatting sometimes when our paths cross. It's nice to have someone to talk to on occasion. I've been going out for drinks with work colleagues too once in a while, so I'm enjoying my time here a bit more. Catching up on my reading and watching "Dexter" on DVD in the evenings, texting with The Crush.

It's all good. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Remember that fellow I mentioned in several posts? The Scot who looks superb in a t-shirt?

We're going for dinner.


Monday, February 2, 2015

New Digs

What a difference a day makes, as the saying goes, although in this case, it's a week.

My car was collected today for repair. I thought for sure the garage had forgotten about me and fixing the rear taillight, but I got a call on Friday to let me know that the car would be picked up today to finally be repaired. I requested a courtesy car and got a brand new little Nissan Micra. Nice, zippy little car. No idea how long I'll have it, but as none of this is costing me anything, it doesn't really matter.

I've just settled into a new space, where I've committed to be for six months. It's not as cosy or colourful as my room in the Forest, but it's all what you make it and as I've only been here about 3 hours, this is its current state. The landlady is clearing out a cupboard for me in the kitchen, and a small space in the fridge (which is slightly larger than bar size anyway, typical of English kitchens), so I'll have a bit more room when my dishes and food items are tucked away elsewhere. Despite moving only from one room to another, it would appear I have too much stuff. It seems I'll have to spend time decluttering, which is not a bad thing at all.

I have only one wardrobe and a small one at that (the door on the right). The other door holds the boiler/water heater so is of no use to me. I do have the spaces on the top of the built ins, however, although I'll stick with just putting my plants there, as I don't know how sturdy they are. I have a small storage dresser and that's about it right now. I'll be making another run to the Forest on the weekend and will be bringing back another storage unit with me, but I don't want to get carried away.

The pros:

1) 5-minute commute to work!!
2) free time again - to read, stay up a bit later, go for a walk...
3) reasonable rent - £450 p/m, which is only £50 more than I was paying my cousin. Plus I'm saving over £300 a month in gas, so really a win-win there.
4) Close to a gym & a library!
5) I have a new place to explore!
6) I'm feeling a bit more independent, even though it's not a full flat of my own (which is not doable on the salary I'm currently making)


1) No cousin company!
2) No cat!
3) No full house access
4) No New Forest
5) I have to make my own dinner (:P)
6) the mattress is hard...I'll be collecting my foam topper this weekend.

I can't really make a thorough list either way until I've been here a few weeks and seen how things go. The walls are thin and I can hear neighbours, I overlook the rear of the building and as we're in flats situated over businesses, it could get noisy at stupid o'clock. 

Still, here I am. Let's see where we go from here...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Up and down and up and downupdownupdownup...

My home away from home. :)

It's been another rocky week work-wise. It started out well enough, hit a rough patch in the middle and then smoothed over by Friday, which is not a bad way to end a week all things considered.

On an UP financial note, the funds from my cashed out CSBs were deposited into my bank account and I now have the funds to hammer down my debt for at least 6-8 months if I manage them properly. Hurrah! A bit less stress there at least.

I am realizing that I'm spending far too much time stressing about my finances than I need to so am trying to figure out the best way to clear them with the least fuss possible. I've sent an email to my mum's lawyer in Victoria to get some details about Power of Attorney (approx $250) so that once I decide what to do, it can be done. My choices are (short term),
  1. pay off the LLP/RRSP with my LOC & funds from CSBs, leaving me with a $5k increase in LOC and not much to cover my MC & LOC repayments;
  2. put $1k into my RRSP from my CSBs, leaving me with enough funds for MC, LOC repayment and meeting my obligation to the LLP repayment scheme for this year; or
  3. pay off my MC with the funds from CSBs ($1662.38), put $1k into RRSP for LLP repayment scheme, and use the rest to chip away at the LOC with mostly min payments until I get myself sorted out.
The least stressful option is #2, the most ideal #3. Long term, the amount I'm looking at cashing out is over $30k and miserable exchange rate notwithstanding, once everything is paid off and exchanged and whatnot, I'll wind up with less than £10K, but it's still a deposit on an apartment, car repairs, emergency fund, savings, a trip somewhere, fun, etc., etc. It will count as income for next year, but that should clear everything and I'll be able to leave it all behind me.

Then that will be that.

Down: Work wise things are still not without curve balls. One of the fellows who opens the yard at 6:15 is on holiday for two weeks, so that means someone else has to open early until he gets back. That came down to me and my friend. I tried for two days - getting up at 4 a.m., on the road by 5, but home at 3:30 - and it was a disaster. Does. Not. Work. So my friend is doing it instead, as it really doesn't seem to bother her. Quite the opposite, actually. She was on fire Friday. I rolled in at 7:30 and had a great day, so now we know.

Up/Down: we had another chat about various things, mostly work-related and cleared some more air. She realized that no matter how hard she is on me, she will never match how hard I am on myself when I do something wrong.

Down: It ended on a very sour note when we learned that the funding for our main installation scheme has been stopped until at least April (industry-wide, not just us) which meant immediate installer layoffs. Shitty. Really, really hope to see them back sooner rather than later, but it's unlikely. The funding process is quite complicated, involving the Goverment and the energy companies, carbon scores, etc. and if the funds to pay for these schemes (there are several) dries up, so does the work. It's unclear at this point if we in the office are totally safe, but for the time being, yes.

Up: The Crush was in for a good part of the day and I managed to make some conversation with him at the end of the day while he was waiting to see the MD. He made tea, I shared biscuits and we talked a bit. 

UP: He looks superb in a t-shirt. There are worse images than a well-built man in a t-shirt that can be burned into your retinas.