Friday, 13 March 2015

Date details...for real! :)

While the day wasn't so great at work - one of the installers mentioned I didn't "look very happy today" - the evening WAS.

I opted to just wear something I'd be comfortable in, rather than feeling not entirely myself in a dress or something, even though I have a dress that I really like.

He picked me up (!) and we went for Thai food at a place in a village called Weybridge, which is very well-heeled (has the street with the priciest real estate in England so that should tell you a bit about the High Street too) and about 15 minutes drive. He ordered the wine - I don't usually drink it, but...okay! - and bought dinner and we spent three hours just chatting. The restaurant actually closed at 10:30, but we were there until 11:00, along with a couple of other tables. The servers were hovering a bit, bless them.

The food for the most part was delicious. He had some prawns which were a bit overdone, but overall it was terrific. If there's one thing I like to do, it's eat, so I think I have a box very firmly ticked there.

He's funny and interesting and entertaining and easy to talk to, even though he goes off in tangents. I do the same thing if I'm honest. It can take me ages to make a point, if I even get there, which I don't always. He told me he finds me really hard to read - I do tend to play my cards pretty much superglued to my chest - so was (pleasantly, I hope) surprised to find out that I was working up the courage to ask him out, pretty much the same way he asked me. So there's definitely a mutal attraction, which is always a good way to start...something. The co-worker aspect is a bit awkward, but as this isn't a "thing" yet, I think we're okay.

But I had one of the nicest evenings I've had in a very long time. And first 'not a date' has become 'second not a date.' We're going out to the coast on Sunday, so plenty of time to talk. :)


Gill - That British Woman said...

sounds like a great start to a friendship which may in turn, turn into something more serious.

Canadian Saver said...

Loved reading the details :)

I recently ended a "thing" with a neighbor... we'd been seeing a lot of each other since September, but in reality, it wasn't because we had a lot in common, it was more for something to do. I am excited for you that you seem to have a lot to talk about, to me THAT is very important :)

Enjoy your 2nd "non date"!!

T'Pol said...

Oh I am soooo happy for you! He sounds very nice. Thanks for the details. I was looking forward to this.

I have closed the book on relationships many many years ago but I still do remember the excitement. Enjoy!

its me, sam said...

Oh, it's sounds like you had a good time... Second date, even more exciting. Rather non date... driving to the coast sounds lovely!

The Asian Pear said...

YAY! Sounds like it well. And it's now a "second not a date"! :D Sounds like a date! :D

Jane said...

I smiled all the way through that post - I'm STILL smiling :) :) It all sounds loverly - and a drive to the coast - I'm liking this guy! Yes, definitely a mutual attraction, it all seems very positive thus far :) :)