Saturday, 7 March 2015

Date details...if anyone's interested!

I'm all adither here in London, as the "date" approaches. I'm ridiculously excited (he knows this) about it. So, here are the details to this point if you're at all interested:

  • we're going for Thai food in a nearby area which is apparently quite well-heeled, so...dress??
  • he's picking me up (!) and dropping me off afterwards (!)
  • I'm already stressing about what I'm going to wear, as I have very few clothes with me here. A visit to the Forest may be pending to boost my rather thin selection.
  • I'm terrified that my brain will shut off and instead of a fun, interesting time we'll instead spend it swirling food around our plates for an hour and avoiding eye contact
  • he asked me, funnily enough, in a manner very similarr to the one I was gathering courage to ask him
  • Tuesday night my friend and I are going to a psychic fair at a pub and I'm going to have a reading of one sort or another
  • Wednesday night I'm taking my very thin selection of clothing to the hotel where my friend is staying and she's going to help me prepare while we break down the reading from Tuesday night and overanalyse the crap out of it
  • Thursday night is (potentially) date night. I've sent him a text and am waiting to hear confirmation
  • omg
In other news, I've given notice at my job. I called my sister one night last week in tears and we talked for over an hour. I've been really unhappy, unproductive and unsupportive for ages and it was starting to affect me physically, mentally and emotionally obviously. I've given 3 months notice, but if there's a possibility to stay on in a less stressful position I'd like to. Otherwise, I'm going to peruse the job sites for a new position. I think I want to stay in the area, just not the job I'm currently in. We'll see how things pan out. I do, however, already feel better for having given it up. My friend needs someone she can count on, rely on, who can back her up and support her and I'm currently doing none of those things. She interviewed a fellow on Friday who seems quite keen and has a background in surveying, purchasing, construction and admin, so I think it will be a good fit. He lives in the next town and strikes me as very sharp. She's worried he doesn't have a sense of humour, but it's not like if it's not a good fit (either way) we can't get anyone else. It would just be nice to have someone very business-minded, like my friend is.

I joined the gym last week, had my induction and then promptly got sick, so haven't even gone once yet! Got a great routine, though, from the young lady who toured me around. It's going to be quite challenging, which is terrific. Determined to start this week, as I'm feeling much better. The Crush brought me soup (homemade to boot!) which was delicious - tomato, red pepper and a 'hint of chili' which was actually a BIG hint. Fantastic, but boy oh boy, I'm a lightweight!

I'm becoming friendly with my rooming neighbour as well, which is great. She's a Bulgarian woman and we spend time chatting sometimes when our paths cross. It's nice to have someone to talk to on occasion. I've been going out for drinks with work colleagues too once in a while, so I'm enjoying my time here a bit more. Catching up on my reading and watching "Dexter" on DVD in the evenings, texting with The Crush.

It's all good. :)


T'Pol said...

I thought the date happened and you were going to talk about that when I saw the heading of your post. You know how to build the suspense. Lol!

Sounds like romance is in the air. Good Luck! Curious minds are restless to know more...

its me, sam said...

Oh... you're going to keep us on our toes! Good luck!

Gill - That British Woman said...

well keep us in the loop. I am sure it will all go great.

Canadian Saver said...

Things look very promising! Have fun on the date :)

The Asian Pear said...

I'm confused. Is The Scot, the Crush? Or are you juggling? :D

Have fun on the date! :)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Pear: No, not juggling. Just one. The Scot is The Crush. xx

Jane said...

You are really stretching this out!! I'm dying here! Sorry to hear about the job - hopefully you can stay on in some other capacity. I love all the date prep!! It seems (and is) a long time since I went through that excitement so will live vicariously through you!