Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Goals

My goals aren't too specific this year. Less of some things, more of others. Financially, it's going to be a bit of a mixed bag, because while I can shave costs in some areas, I'm still going into debt each month regardless and will end with a big number at the end of it.

But simple ones will help. I wish I were clever like Jolie, and could do cute infographics. I have no idea where to start, so the "ever popular" bullet-like list will have to suffice.

  1. Spend less. This should be something I'm doing anyway, but the vet bills over the past few months have been gobbling up much of my (non)existent cash. Bylaw is healthy for the time being (knock on wood), so that means I can concentrate on cutting costs elsewhere, most likely in the food category and the "random-impulsive-purchases-because-I'm-stressed-out" category. This will mean no buying food or drinks at school, but I will allow myself a weekly treat, so that I don't feel deprived.
  2. Track my spending. Again, something I need to be doing anyway, but am not. If I can do this for the month of January, I think I'll have made it a habit and it will be easier to continue.
  3. Keep rolling my change! It adds up fast.
  4. Leave my credit cards at home. They add up fast, too... :(
  5. Put $500 into my EFund. I believe this is doable, particularly as I *should* be getting a tax refund this year.
  6. Pay back my work pension. Because I'm on LWOP until June, I have to buy back the time I've been gone if I don't want it to be a break in service (which I don't, as that will affect the long term pension). Fortunately it's only 9 months and will hopefully not be too expensive. I'm hoping that part of my tax refund this year can go towards buying that time back. It makes sense to cut some debt as soon as I can.
  1. Say 'yes' more often. Be more open to experiences, rather than hiding from them and winding up with a bunch of "I wish I had done...'s" at the end of the year.
  2. Try writing a book. Either a romance or a 'cosy' mystery. It doesn't have to be published, just written.
  3. Use my camera more often. And I mean my fabulous dSLR, not my pocket digital. The little one is great, and very convenient, but I'm not learning anything from it.
  4. Bake. I'm good at it, and I enjoy it, so I will aim to do this weekly. Besides, baking my own treats will save me money, right? And plus it's fun to share.
  5. Long weekend in either Atlin or Skagway. Because apart from being fun places, it's nice to get away for a couple of days for a change of scenery. I'm going to aim for my birthday weekend and see if I can get a couple of girlfriends to join me.
  6. Read. Read only things I have to and things I enjoy. Don't try reading something simply because it's popular. I made that mistake with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and regretted it. :P I'm going to keep track again this year.
  1. Graduate with excellent marks. I'm on my way already, I just need to focus and slow down a little more and I can be a straight A student.
  2. Find a new job. It's inevitable that I'll start feeling more and more dread the closer the time comes for me to go back to work. I can balance this by actively searching for new jobs BEFORE I graduate, and before I'm due back at work.
  3. Keep the house tidy. The outside reflects what's going on inside. So said a wise lady to me last year (er, 2011), and it makes absolute sense. Chaos in the house means I can't relax, so my goal is to keep things tidy and clean, clear and put away.
  4. Cook regularly. I don't like cooking, so it becomes this big chore and I cheat and take the easy way out with pasta and things like that. My schedule is so good that I have no excuses not to eat properly and healthily.
  5. Regular gym visits. See "schedule is so good," above. Again, no excuses here.

I think I'll try to add a separate page for these to keep them where I can access them. I've also joined Carla's January Challenge (what would we do without her?!) and have to think of something that desperately needs decluttering. I'll have a think and let you know.


Jane and Chris said...

So sorry to hear about Dinah...it's tough to have to make those decisions.
We have to cut back this year,but where? Groceries,gas and utilities are going up all the time.
Hope 2013 is good to you.
Jane x

Jolie said...

Lmao you wouldn't have thought I was clever if you could have heard me cursing beneath my breath :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I like that you have fun goals too :)

Karen E said...

Good goals! =) Some things you can't predict (vet bills), but having those savings definitely helps soften the blow.

Laura said...

Lots of luck Lady! Happy New Year! :)

Dannie said...

Best of luck with it all and there are some lovely goals there.

Good luck with the finances, it can be hard trying to balance everything, especially when your studying.

Happy New Year.xx

The Asian Pear said...

Good luck with your goals!