Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What a lovely way to start a new year!

Today started off nicely with a brunch with two co-workers. It was lovely to see them and get caught up on things. Feeling extra special as I was treated to my brunch! How nice is that?

I stopped at the college and paid a ridiculous amount of money for textbooks. Outrageous prices! At any rate, I bought three although I only needed two. I'm hoping to add a class to my course load and decided to buy the textbook for it anyway, knowing that I can return it if my request is denied. Fingers crossed I can add it, as it's one that I want very much to do.

When I got home, I went to Amazon to compare prices. One of the books I got was a used copy (the only one in the pile - excellent catch!), so I know I got a decent price there. The other one was almost $40 cheaper online!! So I ordered it and will return the other copy to the bookstore at school. I did pay a little extra for priority shipping, so it'll be here on Monday. :) Also, I sold a book! The textbook from my creative writing class would have got me about $23 (I paid $110) during the buy back at the school, and I figured I could do way better selling it online instead. I got notice today that it had sold, so I'll be mailing that off tomorrow. How exciting! After all the costs, I make about $65 on it, which is great.

A box of DVDs that I had loaned a friend was waiting for me when I got home, too. I was sorry to have missed her. She's been recovering from surgery for several weeks and this was one of her easy outings, as she lives just around the corner from me. Attached to the DVDs was a thank you card and inside that a $50 gift card to Chapters! Honestly. She's so sweet. She said she hoped it makes me feel better (after losing the cats). I'm a bit overwhelmed, as it's such a lovely gesture and I appreciate it very much.

The weather is fantastic - it's warm (-1C, after weeks of temps in the low -30C's), there's a beautiful blue sky, sunshine... I have a warm, purring cat snoozing on my lap, lunch with a friend tomorrow, an armchair leaving the house this afternoon (hurrah! I gave it away. I'm sick of looking at it, never use it and it's too big for the space anyway), and school to look forward to on Monday. I also got Dinah's ashes today, along with a nice card from the vets and staff. Several had actually personalized it, so that meant a lot to me. She's now in a pretty box on my bedroom windowsill.

I've pretty much completed my to do list, which I'm pleased about. Several "more pressing" things are still outstanding and I know I'll kick myself if I don't get them done before Monday, so I really need to kick it up a notch to scratch everything off the page. I don't feel like I've done much today, but I've actually accomplished more than I thought, which is great.


Morgaine said...

I remember my University days and the textbooks were so expensive at the campus bookstore. I always looked online or at the used bookstores before buying at the bookstore if I absolutely had no other choice. I've also shared textbooks with fellow students and photocopied library copies (still ended up being cheaper most of the time!). Also selling it back to the University was the worst. If your school has it, see if there's an online board that you can post your used books or if there's a common area where you can post flyers.

Hoping you have a great 2013! :D

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Morgaine - there's a captive audience, so prices can be whatever they want! I got mine cheaper on Amazon last term, except for one which I couldn't find. I agree that the buy back was awful - $54 for 3 books that cost me well over $300? No thanks. I'm keeping them for a friend who might be doing the same program in the fall. If not, then I can get a good price for them from someone who is. There are all sorts of flyers all over the college advertising books, but this particular program won't start again until the fall, so I'll keep them around until then.

Thanks for commenting! I've added you to my blog roll too!

Best wishes for 2013 to you as well!

The Asian Pear said...

wow. $40 cheaper! I hope it comes soon. I remember from experience that the school bookstore were always super expensive than everywhere else.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Pear! I know, right? That's significant. I'm extra-pleased because when I checked the Amazon again yesterday, the price had gone UP $10! I got it at exactly the right time it seems. :)