Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday chit-chat!

The beautiful Balsam Lake, where I spent a week with family at the end of July.

Reading? “Write it Down, Make it Happen,” by Henriette Anne Klauser. It’s about setting your intentions down on paper, so they are more visible to yourself. You work on them and make them into affirmations; supposed to help you accomplish things and enrich your life more. I read this years and years ago and it’s quite good! Up next, “I am Half-sick of Shadows” by Canadian author Alan Bradley. The fourth in a mystery series, starring a charming and precocious 11-yr old girl called Flavia de Luce.

Watching?  Just finished two seasons of the BBC’s “New Tricks” and started re-watching “Thin Blue Line.” It’s a British comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. I don’t really like him, but the cast around him is hilarious, so it’s really enjoyable.

Listening to?  Nothing except the birds singing…

Cooking/Baking?  It will be something with salmon tonight, likely left over rice. My roommate and I are on a cleanse this week, so I’m really watching what I’m eating.

Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Sold half a dozen DVDs & a pair of binoculars in a declutter attempt. I’ve got a couple of other items up for grabs, and am waiting to hear from several others about items they’re interested in, so am hopeful that they will disappear quickly as well. I’ve made $135 so far! J
  • Got a new piece of art from a friend who was giving it away – it’s a stained glass underwater scene that I had thought would go well in the bathroom, but it won’t fit. I have to decide exactly where to put it now, but it will get hung up eventually.
  • Some extra hours at the p/t job.
Looking forward to next week? Continuing the countdown for school – I have 7 working days left, about 15 regular days. I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly!

Thankful for today?  A long weekend, great weather, sleeping in, loads of relaxing and starting to feel better from the cleanse. Having a great roommate! My health, the cats’ health and enjoying my space.


Jane and Chris said...

Not long until school!!
Glad you enoyed your visit to my area! Was the weather still hot?
Jane x

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane,

The weather was still hot, yes, but not too bad. The fact that there was so much shade on the property made it much easier to take. Toronto was a whole different story, however...ick. Not a single thing makes me want to move back there, that's for sure! (Apart from the great time I had with my friend!)

Karen said...

Beautiful Balsam Lake! I have family near there.