Monday, 23 July 2012

An unexpected award

Thank you so much to lovely SFT for giving me an award!

What are the criteria? Thanking the person who gave you the award and then telling 7 things about yourself.

1) I love travelling by train. LOVE it. (!!) I have always wanted to do the Trans-Siberia.

2) Spending too much time with/among people makes me very cranky! This is why I need my own space for retreat and I am thankful that I love my apartment. At the end of the day, I. Am. Done.

3) Unlike SFT, I don't like the heat and avoid travel to the hot countries (at much as I can, at least). I prefer the cooler or more temperate climes.

4) I still haven't grieved for my dad.

5) I always feel a bit lost. Having something to focus on, like school, is great, but there's a little part of me that feels these big "outward" decisions are just a distraction from what I really NEED to do. I just don't know what that is and my mind doesn't shut up long enough for me to be able to hear what my heart is saying.

6) I have too many books on my shelves that I haven't read yet, despite my best intentions. There are always more interesting ones that I bring home from the library! :P

7) I love bright colours. They make me happy. The art pieces I buy always have a bright colour in them, to perk up an otherwise bland space (the apartment walls are a light, cream-coloured eggshell; very neutral).

*Bonus: 8) I'm hopelessly addicted to "Angry Birds." There. I've said it...

Nominate 15 blogs! 

Oh my...this will be difficult (and something I'll have to do later today!).


saving for travel said...

Train travel is my second favourite, you see so much! The Trans Siberia sounds a great dream.
It's good to enjoy your own company. I know I do.
I think we all feel lost at times. I feel for you losing your dad...mine is still with us but when he goes I will be DEVASTATED! The more you love someone....
I don't mind bright colours, except for orange. Yuck!

What are the Angry Birds?

Sft x

Laura @ No More Spending said...

I love train travel too. I want to do the West Coast of US and the Trans Siberian eventually.

MariaSelf said...

Trans-Siberia? Great idea! take me with you when you go, I'll be ur Russian tour-guide;-)))