Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday update

The birthday girls! My Auntie (L) and my Mum.

  • I was up at 5am this morning to take my roomie to the airport. She's away for about two weeks, so I've got the place to myself again. Since I got home I've done the dishes, removed almost an entire shelf of books from one of the bookshelves in my room (aiming for one bookshelf), taken my recycling to the depot and dropped a load of stuff at the free store, taken some photos of items I'm hoping to sell and uploaded them to FB.
  • I made $140 last weekend selling things, so I'm quite pleased. I've got lots more to go and will hopefully clear some of it this weekend. It feels great to get this stuff out of the house!
  • If you notice the widget over there (--->) you'll notice how close school actually is now (Where did I start? Something around 180-odd days, wasn't it?). I'm getting a bit nervous, but am so excited, too! I'm confident everything is in place, so now it's just a matter of "living" through the last 4 days of work. FOUR DAYS OF WORK!!!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?!?
  • I've ordered myself some special cupcakes to help celebrate my new adventure: lemon lavender! Mmm. I pick them up next Thursday, MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!!!!!
  • I've registered for a Monday night beginner yoga class starting September 10. I've wanted to do this particular course for two years. A friend is joining me, making it twice as nice.
  • One night a week, starting in September, there's an introductory archery program through the City. I've always wanted to try this, so I'm super excited. This goes all the way through to Christmas and looks to be a drop-in program. I'm going to set the money aside for it from my next paycheque, so I'm not feeling too tight during school.
  • When I applied for my leave, I also applied for funding to help pay for my program. It took several months, but I got a letter on Wednesday letting me know that my request was approved! I will have 35% of my tuition fees reimbursed when I've finished the program. Of course, this means I have to pass, but I'm thrilled! I wasn't really expecting anything, but it costs nothing to ask, so this was fantastic news.
  • I'm on the lookout for a new roomie to help with costs while I'm at school. Having cats will weed out the most undesirables, as well as those who don't like them or are allergic. I'll find the right person because only the right person will put up with three. 
  • I'm going to miss my roommate when she's gone. I've enjoyed her company over the summer. I'll have to check her bags for one of my cats when she goes, though...they've bonded.
  • My trip to Ontario was lovely. The cottage was on a gorgeous lake and sat on a big shady lot, so there was lots of opportunity to keep cool (I'm not a sun worshipper). We had a fantastic storm on the Tuesday, and managed to get back from bird watching (osprey & chick) just before the rain started. It was crazy hot, but not as hideous as Toronto! My hotel room was air conditioned, but the heat and humidity made me miserable as I had a headache for almost four straight days. Despite feeling overheated, I had an awesome visit with my friend over most of two days. We hadn't seen each other for 10 years, but picked up right where we left off, more or less, which is a sign of a solid friendship. I'm trying to convince her to visit me here; I've pretty much got her boyfriend sold, so it's a matter of getting her 100% behind the idea.
I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far. I'm behind on my blog reading and am afraid I shall remain so for the foreseeable future. I'm going to be busy! :) Have a great weekend everyone!


Gill - That British Woman said...

you have a lot going on and a lot happening in September. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with it all,


Jane and Chris said...

I can feel how excited you of luck!
Jane x
Ps Glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods.

saving for travel said...

Wow! Where to start...

Lovely photos of your Mum and Auntie, as well as the lake.

I'm glad you had a great holiday with your friend. And you are right, true friends just slot back into place with each other. I do hope she visits you soon.

Shame to hear about your roommate leaving. I do hope you get someone just as nice soon.

AND SCHOOL BEING JUST 7 DAYS AWAY-WOW! This has been such a big dream for you and it's about to happen. I know you'll make the grades to get that extra money.

Sounds like you've got some exciting things planned for Sept-with Yoga and Archery-perfect to balance out school life.

Congrats on the rest of your news too.

Sft xxxxxx