Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ah, the weekend!

Lake Kluane, July 2008. I love the endless sky of the Yukon.
  • Oh, aren't I feeling virtuous this afternoon? An hour at the gym and I feel like I own the world. That's a good thing, considering how I woke up this morning: unrested and terribly disturbed. I had the strangest dream ever, involving a murderer who would pretend to be a corpse and then when people stopped to chick on him, he'd kill them.
  • I know, right? PLUS he looked - in his corpse guise - like one of those anatomy drawings that shows all the muscles and how they flow over the skeleton...
  • I got my high school transcript yesterday, which means a copy ALSO landed at the college. I am hoping this will be the final hurdle to being formally accepted and I'm going to be on pins & needles for the next couple of weeks until that letter arrives in my mailbox. There was no mention of how well I had to do in Math 10, just that I needed it: 56%. I'm going to assume that's sufficient (although I hope it's not going to be a problem that it's general level, not advanced or "regular" or whatever).
  • I did very poorly in the basic skills (math, english, science...visual arts!), but fared (a bit) better in history - surprising - geography, spanish and...gym. HAHAHAHA! The last one is uber-ironic because I am the least sporty person E.V.E.R.
  • High school was at least marginally more enjoyable than junior high. Jr high was a nightmare, made worse by the fact that my dad died during that time.
  • It's a beautiful day in Whitehorse today, at +4C. Snow flurries are forecast for tonight. It's only springtime, for crying out loud. We had snow in July in '09, so I don't know why I'm always surprised by what the weather gods throw at us up here.
  • Going to the gym by myself is a Big Deal, so this, along with getting healthier and fitter, is going to be a huge challenge. I'm easily intimidated - ridiculously so - and it doesn't take much to set my "fight or flight" switch to permanent "flight." This particular trait has made me bail on many occasions because of (perceived) fears of one sort or another. This gym is 5-minutes walk from my house, pretty small and basic, and remarkably empty most of the time, all of which will help me - I hope - overcome this issue. This is a good challenge for me, as this sort of thing is definitely outside my comfort zone.
  • 156 days until school starts. :)


saving for travel said...

That photo is just beautiful. I love big, open skies.

Congrats on visiting the gym. I know exactly what you mean about fight or flight. I am more of the former now but had a lot of flight in my younger years (and I still feel it in me).

Keep up the gym, it will help balance the school work when it starts.

Be the person you want to be...

Sft x

Jane said...

That is a gorgeous photo - the sky goes on and on! I joined a gym near me once but gave up on it and quit. I have those fears too and prefer to exercise at home where no one is watching me. Your gym sounds ideal however,nice and quiet!

Northern Living Allowance said...

@Sft - thank you! Lake Klaune is about 2.5 hours drive from here. The day was gorgeous and that shot turned out better than I expected! I think once I have a routine, the gym will work out great for me. It's just making sure I get to that point...

@Jane - that's pretty much the Yukon. :) Unless it's blocked by those darn mountain ranges, of course...and I like to think I'd exercise at home, but I don't do that either. Having a trainer makes me accountable - that seems to be what motivates me. I'm hoping that once my routine is set and I can start to see - and feel! - changes THAT will be my motivation to continue.

Anonymous said...

I love where you live!