Saturday, 31 March 2012

Friday confab

Because sunflowers are ALWAYS happy flowers!

  • I admit, I dragged myself out of bed to go to work today. I'm just not used to working 5 days a week anymore (poor NLA), so I was feeling tired and a little spacey, but think I did pretty well. I was binding reports all day, which was GREAT because I could just focus and do; I wasn't required to help customers or answer the phone.
  • My wage is $13/hr! :) So I made about $78 today.
  • I had three birthday cards waiting for me when I got home; funnily enough two of them were from the same card group, but came from two different people. Both have kittens on them. Hahaha! Lovely.
  • Darn my mother!!! $500 in the form of a money order. It doesn't matter if I do nothing with it because she's already spent the money. She sends me money because I'm not "settled" (aka married) and I don't have someone to, um, live off. She's old-fashioned that way. I will put the majority of the money, of course, towards school, but might just take a little and buy myself some new clothes. The last time I bought any was May, 2011. 
  • Thank you, mummy. <3
  • I believe she sent the money order because she knew I might not cash a regular cheque.
  • Joey is going to the vet next week for a "lion shave." I can't wait to see him. I think I'll be laughing for a week. Quite possibly a lot longer.

  • Three bills to pay next Wednesday:
    • Internet/phone: $132.72. Ridiculous. I could drop the landline, but I like long distance calling with that, rather than my cell phone. Besides, dropping the landline wouldn't save me any more than dropping the cell.
    • Cell phone: $44.80 (this is generally about $30/m...)
    • Hydro: +90.70, but will put $70 on it, so I stay in credit
  • 157 days until school starts... :)
  • I spend all together too much money on food. I picked up groceries today on my lunch:
    • 3 x Almond milk: $6.81 ($2.27 ea)
    • 2 x pasta (broad noodles): $3.76 ($1.88 ea)
    • PC Decadent chocolate chip cookies: $2.47
    • Extra-aged cheddar: $7.19
    • PC Mayonnaise: $3.89
    • Weetabix: $4.99 (400g box)
    • Bananas: $2.10 (1.085 kg@ $1.94/kg)
    • Chicken caesar salad (my lunch): $2.90
    • 4 x grapefruit: $7.16 ($1.79 ea...ouch! why didn't I see that at the store?)
  • Total: $41.37. Not too bad considering what I got.


Jane said...

HAHAHAHA....poor Joey! $500 will really help a lot with school expenses but you deserve a little treat too. I've supported myself all of my adult life except for about six months when I was pregnant and had to depend on my X. THAT was a HUGE mistake so I will continue to happily look after myself. Mothers...

Northern Living Allowance said...

@ Jane - I'll post photos. I promise! And yes, it IS my birthday gift, so I agree - I do deserve a little treat. I feel bad because my mum already gave me a huge amount of money to buy my truck and has basically written it off. Mothers. Indeed! Love you guys...

ND Chic said...

I'm absolutely fascinated with what you pay for groceries. I think its because I think you are in a remote location. Thanks for the update! Love the kitty pic!

Northern Living Allowance said...

@NDChic - With respect to groceries, it depends what you buy. Some things are about the same as they are in the Lower Mainland (BC/Vancouver), but some things - produce mainly - are way more expensive. The distance is definitely a reason they're so costly. But you gotta eat, so... :P

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much the Internet costs for all my friends Canada - so expensive!

Jane and Chris said...

Just thinking about my cats with lion cuts...they 'd make my life a misery!!
Jane x

saving for travel said...

Happy birthday!

Hope you do treat yourself to some new clothes. You sound even more frugal than me in that area! Go on treat yourself.

What a lovely Mum you have!