Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A long time comin' - Link love!

I have been meaning to do this for, literally, weeks and, in some cases, months. I feel bad that I've left it for so long, so before I get distracted again (easily done) here are some blogs I've been enjoying with sincere apologies to the owners for the lax post:

1) The Sassy Curmudgeon - hilarious! Seriously, don't read this at work because people will start wondering about the strange noises emanating from your cubicle.

2) Early Retirement the Middle Way - another Canadian PF blog! This is a woman who has it all (and a bit more besides) together. Balancing work and life while focusing on financial security, simple pleasures and living to the fullest without going into debt for it.

3) Distractible Jane - Another very funny blog. Jane is very curious (and distracting) and is doing really fun things like getting married, taking a stand up comedy course...

4) Half-Dozen Daily - Operation 'Jiggly-Bits' is a go! :) As are delicious recipes for morning shakes, weekly jar updates and shopping deals for a hard-working mom and her family.

5) Gotta Little Space to Fill - Baked goods, renovations, music, beautiful photographs...among many other things. She also has a delectable cooking and baking blog here.

6) Quest to be Financially Abundant - She is finding her voice and her way in her relationships, getting out of debt and balancing school, work and life in the process.

Several others I've only very recently started reading are:

A Mainland Streel - a Newfoundland blog!

April Fire

Check them out!

(I know I've missed some, but sometimes you stumble across blogs while reading other blogs you stumbled across while reading other blogs, etc. Thanks to everyone for writing them!!)


its me, sam said...

I like stumbling upon new blogs so thanks for the links, but I must admit, sometimes I feel a bit stalkerish checking out new blogs.

I checked out a few of them, and I must admit I laughed out loud while reading a few lines.

Middle Way said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

Hope your computer is running great and all has been sorted out.

Mine came with Windows 7 too and now I'm wondering it will expire or if I'll need an upgrade. I'd better go back and read some manuals...

Rina the Mama Bear said...

What what what??? Thank you SO much for the links!!!! You are so, so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Thank-you!! :) Made my day! I love your blog too!!

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