Sunday, 21 March 2010

Que und quoi?!

I have no Windows 7 on a computer that I thought had been loaded with it. Um...what? I distinctly remember a conversation about upgrading to Windows 7 when I bought it, but perhaps I misunderstood the entire thing. Well, not perhaps; obviously.

I went to Staples yesterday and spoke with someone about the "missing" Windows 7 CDs (with respect to the crash) and was told they should be in the box, in a thin CD case. I had doubts about this as I had been through said box twice already to make sure I had everything I needed. Anyway, I searched again when I got home, but the discs are definitely not there. I returned today with my receipt and spoke with the same employee who said that it wasn't actually included in the package that I got although I feel pretty sure that's part of WHY I bought that particular package.

What conversation was I having then?? I ended up buying Windows 7, but now I'm not sure I want to load it up, so will sit on it for a couple of days before making the final decision. Once it's opened, after all, I can't return it and that would be $140 wasted. Argh!!


April Fire said...

My parents went through the same thing. Make a call to the manufacture (or visit the website) for a list of what came with the system! You may be eligible for the free upgrade instead of it being pre-installed.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi April! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the suggestion. I'll have a look at the website and see what it says. I'm also going to add you to my blog roll if that's all right :)

The Asian Pear said...

I think April Fire might be right on the money. I don't recall Windows 7 being out when you bought your machine. So it might have only been eligible for the free upgrade (as that's how they enticed buyers)

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