Sunday, 28 March 2010

Can I extend this holiday into forever?

I am so relaxed right now. It's such a great feeling and I don't want it to end! The best part of a holiday is just not being at work, as far as I'm concerned. I like my job, but it's always nice to step away from it for a bit and just do things that you want to do; sometimes you need a holiday just to get things done around the house!

I don't make time for stuff like purging, big cleans, tidying, etc. when I'm working because the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is clean or purge or whatever. Part of my motivation last week was knowing I had a friend arriving and god forbid the house should be messy! :P

Anyway, I did a big old purge of closets, cupboards, shelves...most of it went to the Sally Anne, some to the free store at the recycling depot. I've cleaned the bathroom, dusted, tidied, vacuumed, laundered, sorted, washed the floors, organized...! Phew! It feels great but I dare say I can probably find loads more stuff to get rid of if I really took the time to sort more thoroughly, but I did amazingly well for short bursts. Sometimes that's the best way - then you can't really think about it and decide that you want to keep it after all.

My friend arrived on Thursday and it was SO great to see her!! We've actually been quite busy since she arrived and we have two more days to relax and poke around the city before she goes home. She's here for a knitting weekend, but it's been very busy for them. There are 11 attendees from Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver and they're knitting gloves with a wool called Qiviuq - musk ox wool. It's frighteningly expensive ($90 a ball!) but she's very excited as it's a lovely wool to work with.

It's actually really nice to have someone around to talk to, too! I love living alone, but it's only when someone is here that I realize how much I miss having company. It's so convenient having the second bedroom, too, as she has her privacy & her own space to spread out in. She likes the cats, but if you're not used to pets, it can be very disturbing to have them wandering in and out of your room all night.

I got a birthday card and a cheque from my mum, too, which was a nice surprise. I'm having people over for a potluck on Friday and have ordered a chocolate coconut cake to share. Part of the money is going to pay for the cake, part is going to pay for a haircut and the rest is going into the bank so I can ponder the best thing to do with it! I was thinking I'd split it up amongst my savings accounts, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Anyway, I have two more weeks of holiday ahead of me and I have lots of things yet to do. My list of 'to do' has only begun to be checked off! :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


dinah34 said...

it sounds like you're having a great time. i love holidays too, especially staycations. you get a lot done at home and it's a wonderful feeling.


ps. you didn't spot the lie! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Canadian Saver said...

You're having a preview of what retirement must be like!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation :-) and Happy belated Birthday!! (or is it this week?)

Laura said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

$90 for a ball of wool!? ACK! LOL!! I bet that'll make some gorgeous mittens however! lol!!

Your birthday cake sounds soo good! YUM!! I hope you're enjoying your time off of work! :) Me time is always so nice isn't it?

Northern Living Allowance said...

It's going wonderfully, but my birthday isn't until this Friday! Thanks for the well wishes, tho'! :)