Saturday, 28 November 2009

Purse pics

This has been going around the blogs for a few days now, but I have to say outright that I've never used a purse.

That's right. Never as in EVER. Kinda letting the team down, I know, but there you have it. I do own one, quite a lovely one as a matter of fact, but I never use it. I could probably carry a bandaid in it, but it's just so impractical. It was a gift several Christmas's ago from my brother's girlfriend. She bought both my sister and I one - they're handmade - when they visited Africa (she's South African herself), and my mother seemed horrified when I announced that it was my first purse ever. You'd think she'd know this, but apparently someone hasn't been paying attention for, oh, 40 or so years, eh?

Anyway, I can't really bring myself to get rid of it, even though I know someone out there would truly love such a unique bag. This is the bag. See how happy it is to be out of the junk box it's kept in?

I use a messenger bag or, more frequently these days, a backpack. What do I carry in them? Let's see:

Hairbrush, for those unruly hair days.
Notebook, ostensibly to keep track of my spending habits (MEC messenger bag: $20, backpack from sister: free!)
Wallet, with all the usual wallet stuff in it.
Notebook, for thoughts, ideas, etc.
Daytimer, used very irregularly these days.
Burt's Bees lip moisturizer! I love Burt and his bee products :)
Cell phone
Account book for my US $ account
Pens (to use with notebook, of course!)
Thumb drive. Not actually sure what this is doing in there, to be honest...
Cheques to bank account on Van Isl I no longer use.

(Cat optional)

Oh, and there's a little packet of Kleenex and my house keys in the front pocket of the backpack. Lunch, a book and my water bottle are daily items that go in there, too, but otherwise, that's it!

Anyone want a lovely, handmade, wooden purse, never used? (No, seriously...)


Laura said...

I have noticed this on a lot of blogs today too...I am going to do mine as well. I have a bottle of kahluah in there from last night, but it may seem like I might have a drinking issue. haha!

The Asian Pear said...

well, the whole bag thing doesn't have to be a purse. on my overpacking days, I use a backpack myself! I love MEC stuff. so sturdy.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-that is a really lovely bag, I'm sure you could use it maybe on going out occasions? Great to hear from you and hope you are keeping well too!!

CC said...

"Cat - optional."
Haha. Great post! :)

PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up!

Money Funk said...

Thought I'd come jolly over here while blog hopping.

LOL. I was just thinking about sharing my bag on blog, too. I have too much crap in it. And I'm like you, most of the times I use a backpack.

I like the handmade wooden purse, but I am in the process of ridding my things. :)