Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I think part of the reason I don't like cooking is that it can be so fussy: chop, chop, chop, cut, cut, cut, timing things, boiling things, pot here, pan there, etc. etc. I don't like details and I don't like fussy (possibly a reason I've never owned a purse. That's EVER), so now that I'm actually starting to cook, I'm doing my best to also look at exactly how much time it takes to make something.

The recipe I made the other day states 20 minutes. I think it took me a bit longer than that, but I'm pretty sure that's just because I don't organize myself that well before I start and also due to the fact that I have about a half foot of prep area - my kitchen is SMALL and barely has any counter space. And possibly because I need to put my dishes away a lot sooner after I clean them, but regardless, it's a small area to work in.

But it proves that I can cook and that good food doesn't have to take long to make.

Lemon-Tarragon Chicken Toss

I substituted oregano for tarragon as I thought I had some, but didn't. Still, it was quite delicious and lasted for three meals: my dinner and two lunches. Last night I polished off my macaroni and cheese and finished the ice-cream (I don't really do small portions...), so have to think of something to make tomorrow. It's awkward to plan meals when you work 1 - 9 on some days. I think something with steak - I think it was going to be a ginger-beef stir fry. Fresh ginger, steak, onions, broccoli...

Works for me!


FB @ said...

That recipe sounds SO GOOD.........

The Asian Pear said...

awesome recipe. and easy to do too. I don't have tarragon but I do have oregano. so i'll try that as a substitution since it worked for you. thx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Waiiiiiiiiit a minute.


heheh ;)

Awesome recipe! Thanks for sharing!! :)