Sunday, 6 December 2009

Where things stand

An update on what my debt looks like at the end of November:

LOC: $4489.36
Computer: $1600.00
Total: $6,089.36

The LOC is high because I keep using it to pay off my Visa. I need to stop doing this - just because the interest rate is half of what the Visa rate is, doesn't mean I can just keep adding to the debt. Proof: I'd been auto-paying $80 a month up until now, but the minimum payment went up to $90! So I've upped it to $55 bi-weekly. That should help for now. I'd like to say I'll stop putting money into my EFund and add it to the debt repayment, but that just makes me far too uncomfortable.

The computer, well, we all know what happened there! The minimum payment appears to be approximately $51 a month, so I paid $102. I had this as snowflake money in my rolled coin jar, so figured that would be the perfect thing to put it towards. I will have over $400 saved by the time the next bill comes due, so that will pay it down nicely. I'm going to find $100 a month to pay it off with.

Otherwise, I've updated my sidebars to reflect what's going on in my savings accounts. The planned spending is looking exceptionally depleted because that's where the money I loaned my sister came from. Plus, I used that for shopping in Vancouver. I'm expecting about half of my loan to come back sometime in the very forseeable future, so I'll be plumping up all of the accounts accordingly (including to my RRSP & EFund). I'm feeling quite comfortable with all my savings right now, and that includes my $35 bi-weekly CSB deduction from my paycheque. The rate isn't great, certainly, but it's one more place to save that I can't get my sticky fingers onto easily. By the end of next year, I should have about $1200 in CSBs - not too shabby!

I've decided that Christmas cookies will be my gifts to people this year and there won't even be that many! I used to do a lot of baking, but haven't in recent years. I do love it, and thought that Christmas is a good time for practicing that sort of thing. Some paper plates from the Dollar Store, a little plastic wrap and they're good to go. D will get a camera as I priced out the coveralls he had his eye on and they cost over $300! Well out of my price range, unfortunately, although they would be an excellent purchase because they'd actually get used and keep him really, really warm. Despite that, I just...can't.

Anyhoo...I'm thinking now of my end of year "resolutions," as I didn't do at all well with last year's. I will carry some over, but need to think carefully about others, particularly about my savings. I might be a bit aggressive with some of these things, or it could just be that I'm (still) too careless with my spending. Perhaps a little of both. Regardless, I have to just calm down and realize I can't do everything at once; I need to prioritize things, cut back a little here and there and just NOT PANIC!!!

I'm looking forward to everyone's postings! Last years were very inspiring and I've no doubt that this year's will be just as well thought out and enjoyable to read.


Jolie said...

Just was looking at your sidebars and WOW you did a fantastic job on your RRSPs this year. That's amazing. Makes my little $1000 look sad LOL Good job!

dinah34 said...

88 no drive days? that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think one of your goals for 2010 is to join Twitter. ;)

I know. You don't have to say it - big dreams I have!! ha ha

But I agree with those 2 ^^ - You are doing AWESOME!

The Asian Pear said...

I haven't even thought of resolutions yet. Eeep. I'm having trouble just doing monthly goals. ;)