Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Days 2 & 3 - Towards Health

Days 2 & 3 of my goal opened much the same as they did on Day 1 - granola (apple cinnamon or apple strawberry) with either yogurt or milk. I had a late working day yesterday (1 - 9pm), but walked to and from work because it's fabulous weather right now - it reached 17C today!!! - and it's light out until 10:00 p.m. I also managed to lock myself out of the house when I changed to a lighter jacket, and cleverly left all my keys in my other coat pockets: house, car, work...argh! Fortunately the other tenant was home when I got back and he let me in!

So I got in an hour's walk over the course of the day yesterday. Today I walked to work and then walked with a friend after work, so got at least an hour in. She called me up during the afternoon and asked if I wanted to go and I was glad she did. We walked along the river and then had a coffee at Starbucks (sort of defeating the initial purpose, but it was a very nice visit and a beautiful evening) and have decided to do the same thing tomorrow evening as well. She and I are similar in that if we don't do it without stopping at home first, we won't do it. I think tomorrow I'm going to take my camera to work, so that I can get some photos of wherever it is we decide to walk.

Spending hasn't been great, however. Yesterday I bought two books ($49.30). One is the German textbook that the German instructors at the college were using, and as I've decided not to take the distance education course at this point, I thought this was a suitable alternative (plus it's $685 cheaper than the Uni course) as I can work my way through it over the summer and be a little bit ahead of the game when classes start again in the fall. This way I can practice with my friends and get some help with pronounciation and whatnot. Obviously it won't be the same as with an instructor (homework and comprehensiveness-wise), but as I already have the basics down pretty well, it's a matter of just working my way through it and getting some clarification when/where I need it.

The other book is one that I'm hoping will help me simply and set goals. It was 50% off and so far I'm enjoying it. It feels very timely (fitness, food, fashion, friends, family & finances: the author's six f's of simplicity) and there's a lot of good stuff in it (recipes, worksheets, etc.).

Otherwise, some bad spending and stuff that I really need to pay attention to. Stupid stuff like buying snacks and/or lunch at the cafeteria, when I could have spent some time during my days off to do a little baking. I have to be more prepared and organized next week and make some things that I can freeze: muffins or mini-loaves, healthier snacks and make stuff for my lunches for the week. I know this is where I fall flat (this and DVD box sets...) as I don't like cooking. It's more unmotivating to cook for just yourself and my storage space is limited, which makes keeping large quantities of anything a challenge. I still have loads of food in my pantry from my gigantic shop at the start of the year, so will start opening tins and making things like tacos, which...yum!


Anonymous said...

well done on the walking; it's more than I did yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done you with food & walking! You are doing so well!

Money Funk said...

Mmmm... What kind of muffins are you going to bake while your are practicing your spechen zie deutsch? lol! Good for you in walking! What is 17C like ... ah 62. Still too cold for me. lol! Keep up the good work!

kath001 said...

Great walking. And the book of the six Fs of simplicity sounds really interesting.

The Asian Pear said...

well, at least the books are educational! :)