Sunday, 26 April 2009

Day 1 - Towards Health

Breakfast was Red Mill Apple Strawberry granola with a teaspoon of honey mixed with plain yogurt.

Lunch was organic roasted red pepper hummus on sunflower seed bread. YUM! I'm also going to try to increase how much water I drink during this time, too. Basically from zero to, say, 5 or 6 glasses to start. I know I need to drink more, particularly at work where I get dehydrated very quickly.

I went out for dinner with a friend for her son's 11th birthday and ordered a big old salad: a citrus chicken salad, so I'm feeling good about my choices. She even paid for it, which was nice as I hadn't anticipated that.

I've decided to participate in Frugal Trenches "10 Days Towards Health" challenge because I feel I need to get motivated. I need to get out from under this inertia that set in over the winter. The idea is to watch what you eat and get some exercise each day and post your results (to keep you motivated because everyone's watching!).

I didn't really do any typical exercise today: walking or biking or running, that sort of thing. I instead did some housework, vacuuming and scrubbing of the bathroom for an hour or so. I even cleaned the floor! I left one room un-vacuumed because the cats were sleeping/hiding in there, and I didn't want to disturb them more than necessary. So now I have one lovely clean bathroom and a freshly vacuumed carpet in one bedroom. Assuming it's nice tomorrow, too, I'll be walking to and from work as it's light out now until almost 10pm!


Anonymous said...

That breakfast looks yummy! Thank you so much for joining in! Can't wait to hear about Day 2!

Money Funk said...

Well, if you have so much energy for cleaning the house... I could use someone over at my house to scrub. ;)

Nice job! The hummus and sunflower bread looks yummy.

I just finished grocery shopping so I have lots of good stuff for the week coming up. Mmmm, makin' me hungry.

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