Saturday, 22 November 2008

Moving money

I realized the other day that I was really tired of seeing my money just sitting around in my credit union, earning a few pennies (if that) each month, so I decided to move my "non-immediate" savings to ING. I transferred $500 (about half) from my vet account, my entire house account ($765.16) and my entire travel fund ($300). While the interest rates aren't what they used to be, the funds will actually earn some while they sit in ING.

I got more than I thought from my part-time job, too, so that topped up my Christmas fund, plus paid down some debt, which is nice. I now have only $53 owing on my Mastercard...I may just do a $haronRo$e and cut it up before I pay it off, simply so I'm not tempted to rack it up again! Regardless, it feels pretty good to have it down to such a small amount. I get three paycheques in December, so can you say 'bye-bye' Mastercard?

My spending over the past couple of days wasn't bad. I had arranged to meet a friend for dinner on Thursday night and when I arrived at the restaurant (the only genuine Mexican restaurant north of 60!) I saw three extra people! How fun! We had a great time and the food was excellent, as always. Mrs. Sanchez is a magician in a very small kitchen. Everything is made fresh when you order it and the place was packed.
Dinner: $20.16
I had a course again today, so the first spend of the day was at Tim Horton's for a tea to take with me. It was actually pretty interesting - how our branch in the government is organized - and I learned a few things that will benefit me as a supervisor. It ended about an hour earlier than it was scheduled to (yay!), so I stopped at the photo shop on my way back and then went to Subway to pick up my lunch.
Tea: $1.92
Subway: $8.92
It turns out that my friend brought her tripod into town for me today, so I didn't end up buying one (YAY). I had stopped at the photo store to look for something else I needed, but it turns out they didn't have it, so I saved myself some dollars there. Accessories for photography aren't cheap, so I'm actually a bit relieved right now. I'll save up to buy a few more bits over the next few months instead.
I'm off to bed. I'm tired and my nerves are starting to get the better of me, and I definitely don't want to be tired and unco-ordinated tomorrow! I have extremely expensive studio lights (borrowed) that I have to be very careful with - one slip and they're gone, quite literally - and I need to be calm and focused when I'm handling them.
We're all ready to go, so wish me luck!


Frugal Dreamer said...
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Frugal Dreamer said...

Good job on getting that MC to $53!! So exciting!! :) And even better that you were able to borrow the tripod! Sounds like it's the beginning to a great weekend! Good luck tomorrow :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there! Way to go on that credit card! I have no regrets cutting mine up-I feel if I have one, I will always have credit card debt around me. I wish I had a mexican restaurant nearby, it sounds like your one is fabulous! great news about not having to buy a tripod yet too! have a lovely weekend!

Frugal Dreamer said...

I tagged you today. Check out my blog for the details ;)

debtfree2009 said...

You are almost there with the credit card. Congrats.

Saver Queen said...

Congrats on getting to $53! Way to play! I say, cut that baby up!