Thursday, 20 November 2008

Mid-week spending update

This is what Whitehorse looked like at about 1pm yesterday afternoon. I went for a walk with my camera at lunch and took a few photos along the waterfront. Every single tree in and around Whitehorse is coated with thick hoar frost - they all look like those white Christmas trees - know which ones I mean? It's freezing outside (-22C yesterday morning), but so, so beautiful. It's really early for such heavy and frequent ice fog, but what a beautiful world it leaves behind.

My spending this week hasn't been too bad. I bought breakfast at the hotel on Sunday (bacon, rye toast and eggs) and had a very quiet shift, which I spent reading for the most part. Nice to have a job that you like and that you can legitimately read at (of course, not until I've done my work, which at this time of year takes all of, oh, 10 minutes or so...).

$5.16 for breakfast (staff get 50% off)

Monday spends:
$24.01 for milk, tea (3 boxes Celestial Seasonings ON SALE!) and snacks

I also ordered $33.00 worth of coupons from and got my $10 back from my friend, so not a bad day overall. Some of the coupons I'm going to give to the shelter to purchase pet food ($5 off Iams dog, puppy & kitten food).

Tuesday I bought a pizza to split with my friend while she and I went over what we needed to do for the photos on Saturday. I ordered over the phone for a pick up, looking at a pepperoni lovers for $15.99, but when I paid the bill it was only $12.50 for a medium! That was a pleasant surprise. I've been craving pizza for a while. It wasn't great, but it really hit the spot and satisfied the craving, so I'm good now for a long time.

Today I was really bad. I got paid today (and got $200 more than I normally do - still can't quite figure that one out, but it's unlikely that it's wrong, so, great!). I was rushing off to a class this morning - "Your Union and You" - and ended up stopping at Tim's for a tea and a bacon breakfast sandwich. I almost didn't end up at the class because we were two supervisors down, one of the the printers got jammed, the admin assistant was sick again and I had to call in one of the auxiliary staff to come in while our regular staff cleared up three days worth of mail in the back! I learned all this exactly 10 mins before I left.

Fortunately everything worked out: IT came to fix the printer, one of supervisors was just late, the mail got done, the auxiliary staff shift worked out perfectly and my class was actually more interesting than I thought it would be.

But of course, because I was up late, I didn't get lunch made either, so ended up going to Subway and picked up a 6" for lunch.

Breakfast: $5.06
Lunch: $8.33

I'm disappointed that I ended up spending that much for two meals, but I'm giving myself a break simply because I've been doing so well the past several weeks (overall). I think, however, that I'm going to have to get a tripod because I haven't heard from my friend since last week, although she was supposed to be in town at some point getting some work done on her car. This is a non-negotiable necessity for my photos over the next two weekends, so I may have to "splurge" and make a purchase.

I've just heard tonight, however, that there is competition for the Pet Photos this year, which is unusual. The ex-Board Pres (quite a piece of work) is taking Pet Photos at a separate location, although it's doubtful the money raised is going toward charity. This is actually quite mean-spirited and low, in my opinion, but somehow not a surprise, knowing how she is. I'm not certain, but it might even be on the same day. If so, that was done on purpose.

I'm working on a post about "winter weather and costs", which I'm hoping to post in the next few days (not before Saturday!). I think it will be a good reminder of what I've spend, what I need to spend, what you need to be careful with, necessities, etc. I don't have years and years of experience behind me, but it doesn't take long to understand a few important points.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I can relate to the pizza thing, when I have the urge for something, once I've had it, it satisfies the craving for a good while too! Keep up the good work too, It sounds like you could put your extra wages to the tripod? You do need it, so I'd go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Omg! How beautiful!!! :)

I cannot wait until i visit Whitehorse, it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love to see your pictures. I'm in the south. We get snow for a whole 15 minutes a year. And yes it does shut down the entire town.

As for the pet photos - I hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you spent too much money. You seem disappointed. I love eating out. It's my weakness.

Anonymous said...

You lost me in the pictures - wow!

Canadian Saver said...

I agree, awesome pics!!!

Let us know how the dog pics go... I agree it's very low for that ex-director to do her own sessions.