Sunday, 23 November 2008


Molson; representing the feline contingent. His cross eyes kill me!

This is Lidka. She's from Poland and was so wonderful. Isn't she gorgeous?

These were two of many wonderful, beautiful pets who came for their photos today. I believe it was a success today. There was about a half hour or so at the beginning when I was fumbling a bit with the download program, but once I got my head around it and relaxed, I was fine. We didn't have as many people as we would have liked, partially because it's Super Bowl weekend (or Grey Cup or something...), it was a beautiful day, there are lots of craft fairs around and people possibly weren't aware that our photo shoot was a fundraiser. The advertising is going to be amended to state that. As well, the man who played Santa said that last year the second day was a lot busier, so hopefully the same will be true this year.

But my back is sore and my knees are sore and I'm tired, but really pleased with how things turned out. So far we have about $600, with the potential for a lot more next week.


Frugal Dreamer has tagged me to tell six interesting things about myself and then tag six others.

So, this is my list:

1) I'm dating a man 15 years younger than me...and we share the same birthday!

2) I never wear - don't even own! - a lick of makeup.

3) I live by myself and I have three cats. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to turn into "the cat lady".

4) Even though I don't speak any different languages, I have a good ear for them.

5) I have a BIG sweet tooth!

6) I love crossword puzzles.

And the six others I tag are:

Canadian Saver

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Butterfly Collector

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Saver Queen

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Anonymous said...

15 years younger!! Wow. Look at you!! ;)

BnJJ said...

Wow, Molson is a beauty.

Your pictures with the frost encrusted trees are so pretty. I love when that happens here. I'm in Edmonton and we do not have snow yet.

Money Minder said...

Congrats on the younger man! You go, girl!

Canadian Saver said...

Very interesting!!

Canadian Saver said...

And I love the pics!! That cat is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us :-)

Anonymous said...

No make-up. I'm impressed.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I'm the same for make up too, just special occasions!!

Saver Queen said...

A regular Samantha Jones, hee hee!

Your pictures are lovely. You work so hard and do such a great job for that organization. I think I have coupons for cat and puppy food I won't be using. Let me know if they need them, or if they have their own suppliers. If they can use them, I will send them to you!

PS thanks for the tag - I'll follow-up shortly :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat and dog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag - I've already done this! It's my post for today.

I LOVE Lidka, and am so glad my husband won't see her. He's exerting ever-growing pressure on me to cave and buy a Golden Retriever puppy, the sooner the better.

15 years younger! My husband is 11 years older!