Sunday, 18 August 2019

Halfway through another month

Figured it was time for another update, seeing as the month is flying by. They all seem to these days, leaving me a bit of awhirl.

  • have figured out motives for my both my prime suspect and the murderer (not the same person)! Quite a breakthrough, and most helpful when writing a murder mystery. Now to actually start writing again...
  • sent an email to a thatcher last week. I took myself off FB on Sunday, told both my colleagues (separately) on Monday that I needed to speak with one, did a bit of Googling and found a fellow who's not only a master thatcher but the Chairman of the Dorset Mast Thatchers Association and who lives only 5 mins from me! As I was struggling to compose a suitable email, I glanced out the window to see a thatcher parked on the street outside the office!! Message received. I sent the email, although I'm still waiting for a response.
  • I also sent a query to a genealogist as I need to speak with one of those as well. Again, I'm still waiting for a reply. I'm trying not to get too anxious, as I know it's summer holidays so it's quite possible they're away/busy/etc.
  • I'm giving a talk about Canada on Tuesday to the women's group I used to belong to. I'm not particularly motivated but have put something together and hope they will like it. It's been years since I've learned anything political/geographical/historical about the country, and I'm mindful that these are intelligent women so don't want to dumb it down too much, but am still trying to make it interesting. The problem is that I just 'lived' there, you know? When you have to try and condense information or details, it just expands exponentially and I don't want to cover loads of stuff and get mired in minutiae. I'm using some of my own photos, as well as cadging info from the internet. I'm learning a lot! Ha ha!
  • I'm making Nanaimo bars to share. Found a recipe by a Canadian woman living in Shetland, of all places. They don't really taste like the 'real' ones but will be fine for their purpose.
  • I've had a few shifts at the shop too - not yet been paid, though, as details weren't sent (my original paperwork got lost or misplaced (O_o!!) so I had to do it all again...), but it means I'll get a reasonably decent paycheque at the end of the month, I hope. I've decided to put my first paycheque towards boosting my depleted flat deposit account instead.
  • I can't figure out why I've run out of grocery money and am using funds from other accounts to cover the shortfall. I think it's probably the car repair at the beginning of the month. I've also had to shuffle money around to cover my rent and internet payment. 😩😕
  • Got the car washed today when I went to the grocery store. She's all nice and shiny and blue again. They really do a fantastic job for £5. It's a helluva bargain for that price.
  • I didn't get too distracted when I was shopping, although I bought a new (metal) bowl and loaf tin that were on sale. I put back a clock I picked up, as well as tried to keep my costs low. My sister wanted some Nanaimo bars, so I doubled the recipe and it's more or less used up all the ingredients already. I tried to keep it as cheap as I could, but I still spent almost £40. I haven't baked in a while, so it's been fun but I do need to be more mindful of costs.
  • I've been reading some books on quitting sugar and am trying to get myself focused & motivated to just do it. It will help in so many ways. Also, looking at starting the Couch to 5K again, so doing some reading before tackling that as well. It's the motivation I lack and trying to get some inspiration.
The weather is improving after a few days of heavy winds and rain, and the next few days are supposed to be quite pleasant.

I still don't feel settled. It's going on two months now. I go from sofa to sofa to table, back to a sofa. It's really strange. I think it's the fact this place is more suited to a couple or a single, and I just feel that while it's a lovely spot, it's not 'mine'. I'd like to make enough to afford it on my own, but I don't (right now). So, until I can get myself sorted in that department, I work at the shop and to pay down my debt and save for another move in 12 months or so.

Roomie E bought herself another car at last - an Audi A1, a nice sporty compact. The other day she asked me, 'where do I get diesel?' (she prefaced it by saying 'stupid question, but...') Ha ha ha! I just told her wherever she likes. But she's really happy to have a car again, and one that's so nice.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


T'Pol said...

My car runs on diesel too. I was expecting it to be noisy but, thankfully it is not. Diesel is cheaper in Turkey than unleaded gas. Tomorrow I am taking the car for 30,000 Km service. Hoping it will not cost much. I do not know what they do besides changing the oil.

Treaders said...

Ooohh can you give me the recipe for the Nanaimo bars! I found one on the internet but haven't made them yet. My former colleague was a Brit but moved to Canada (and now also Canadian) and he raved about Nanaimo bars - and I love to bake!!!! And I know what you mean when you say you "just lived in Canada". I've been in France longer than I ever lived in the UK but that doesn't mean you know an awful lot about the politics/history etc. You know how they live don't you. That'll have to change for me though as I'm putting in for French citizenship and apparently the "background" test is hard. I don't mind the language part of it but French politics???? Oh dear, I'll have to knuckle down I guess.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi T'Pol - diesel has changed a lot in the past few decades, that's for sure. Big engines like the buses still are noisy, but car engines seem to run very quietly and smoothly. I was just advised against diesel if you're not putting hundreds/thousands of miles on a vehicle every year because it isn't really worth it. Diesel is more expensive than petrol here, though. Good luck with the service - hope it wasn't too expensive and all is well there. xx

Hi Treaders - I actually found the recipe on the Internet - I'll post it in my update this weekend if you like. Ironically, it's the recipe of a Canadian woman living in Shetland, was quite successful. I, of course, know what they're 'supposed' to taste like, and they're fine, just *not* like what I can get in Canada. No surprise there, but they're a fair imitation, so I was pleased with the result. Oh, best of luck on your citizenship test!! I have no doubt I wouldn't pass either the British or Canadian one, so I suppose I'm lucky I don't need to. Just remember, 'Macron' only has one 'a' - ha ha! xx

slugmama said...

If you need general genealogy info(not ?s about specific people unless you need USA records)I might be able to help while you wait on your professional genealogist.
I've been doing genealogy for quite a few years now.....

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Sluggy! How nice to hear from you - I didn't know you read my blog. :) I do read yours so have followed your genealogical puzzles and seen the amazing connections you've found. I'll think of a few questions (basically trying to build my main character for my book - for whatever reason, I've decided she's a genealogist) and ping them over. Thank you very much!xx