Saturday, 17 September 2016


Ireland was AMAZING. We had some torrential rain, some sore feet and a lot of laughs over our two weeks.

We're getting ourselves organised and will post photos and exploits soon!

Oh, and remember my second to last post? About how I was bored at work and needed a project, like maybe some marketing or HR? I'm getting a little of BOTH!!!


Also, all you tablet owners, I would like to get your thoughts on your tablets and why you bought the one you did. I want to get one (absolutely not NEEDED, but I can get a fantastic price on used ones) and would like to hear the pros and cons and, as I said, why you bought the one you did. I'm pretty much sold on an iPad, but am also looking at the fancier SurfacePros. 

Any and all thoughts, comments, suggestions most welcome! Thanks all!


Canadian Saver said...

So glad you guys had a wonderful time... it must be so much fun with Jane :) I sadly had to cancel Europe this year due to a medical diagnosis in July but hopefully I can travel next year... my departure date would have been September 22nd and I'm going to be very sad about not going, but I'm keeping busy doing house renos (think 3 weeks total!) yikes.

I LOVE LOVE my iPad and wouldn't go with anything else. I also love my iPhone and wouldn't use anything else, and the 2 work so well together. I would strongly recommend that, if it's in the budget. Mine's 3 year's old, and I might go with the mini next time...

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi CS!! Gosh, I miss your blog...thanks so much for still being 'out there' though. Sorry to hear you won't make Europe this year, but I hope your medical diagnosis isn't serious and will allow you to travel again next year (let me know...perhaps we can meet somewhere?) House renos are enough to keep anyone in one place for awhile.

Thanks for the iPad vote. I have an iPod Touch, although use a Samsung phone, and just want something larger that I can utilise that isn't as big as a laptop. The idea is that I can take myself out to a coffee shop or the Forest to write. My desktop is great but is limiting in that respect. I also have a Yoga app that I want to use but it's not convenient on the desktop and the iPod is far too small. I can get a perfectly good secondhand iPad for about £200. xx