Sunday, 18 September 2016

Layouts, etc.

I've decided it's time for a new blog layout, so am going to try a few that I like over the next while and give them a test run before deciding on a more permanent one. I like the simplicity of this one (hence, I suppose, its appropo title "Simple"), so will see what else I can play with. I'd like to change the cover photo but can't remember how to do it...

I also decided to separate my debt into its specific items, rather than lump it all into one. It's big. But I think it's important that I see it like this, so it will make me more accountable and focused on hammering it down.

Since I've been back from holiday, I've acquired the books below from various thrift stores - quite a haul! The top book in the second photo was quite a score actually as mass market paperbacks of that size aren't common and I've never seen one of these cosy mysteries on any bookshelves here (barring MC Beaton ones). The ones at the local branch of the library were donated by me. There are a few authors printed in that size, but not many, so I was thrilled to find it - so much easier to carry around with you!

These were buy 2, get one free - total £7.69.

These were £1.20 each - total £6.00. The Edward Marston one happens to be #4 in a series that I'm reading, so was a great find!

Outside of that, not much happened this week. It's a lovely, relaxing weekend and a warm sunny day today, so laundry is drying in the sun and my cousin is repotting some plants. We bought tickets yesterday to a psychic show that will be at a local theatre on Thursday night. I've been to psychics privately a few times, but never to a show by one so am looking forward to the experience. It was only £10 and I hope will be interesting. I do believe in that sort of thing, but am also a bit of a sceptic when it's on public display. There's also a small part of me that really hopes my dad will come through.

Regardless, I think it will be enjoyable and it's a night out and not far from home.

I've got a few brochures to look at as well, as there are some fantastic art workshops and classes that I'd like to attend. They aren't overly expensive and it would be so much fun to learn something new, get out of the house on a weekend, and make something. We also picked up a brochure for an arts & crafts place that has a Sunday writing workshop that I'm going to call about. I want to sign up for that.

The need to create is strong, so I'm really pleased to have found this information!


Hawaii Planner said...

What a find on the books! And, great news on the workshops that you can take for such a reasonable price.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi HP! Thank you for stopping by :) Yes, I definitely lucked out, although I 'had' to buy one extra at the charity shop as their min spend on debit was £5. The workshops are fantastic - I'm pleased because I honestly didn't know where to start to look for things like that, so buying tickets at the Arts Centre was a real coup. xx