Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Treats!...and their cost...

No, not like that, although it does look quite delish.

I just checked my bank account and had a bit of a shock as I'm down to £2.20 from almost £100 at the weekend. Where's it gone?!

£61.77 for groceries (free delivery!). I got almost £100 of food for that price: I had a £20 off coupon for a first-time purchase discount, plus I saved £15.21 by getting specials or deals on some of the items. I'm okay with that!

Winchester on Saturday. £8.40 for return train fare, £7.20 for lunch. The rest of my spends were in cash (which I've made note of).

Today? I bought two Groupon experiences: the first one is a cupcake decorating class! I'll have to arrange for a weekend for that, probably some time after my mum goes home in April. Very fun at £14 for 2 hours.

The second one is a half-day falconry experience! I love raptors and this gives you an opportunity to actually work with them for a few hours: hawks, owls, etc. Fab! I got a £10 coupon from Groupon so I bought this for £16 instead of £26. I have to use this up by April 11, so will have to take some time during my holidays in Mar/April to do this because it's only available Mon-Fri.

But the lack of funds (apart from some £32 I have at home) means I'll have a very tiny shop on the weekend and won't be able to go to Chichester to meet up with a few of the ladies doing this programme with me. I'm annoyed by this, but it's entirely my own fault. I do have some money in savings, but I don't really want to start shuffling it about for non-essentials, particularly, as I say, because I wasn't paying attention. I get paid next Monday, but that's too late for the meet-up, sadly.

It's because I'm bored at work today. Have also searched for bread making courses and cooking classes among other things.

But at least I haven't had (much) sugar! Had some nut butter on rice cakes for a snack. 5.6g/100 of sugar, but as that's this WEEK, and as I've said before, I'm not particularly concerned. :)


Jane said...

Falconry - oh how I envy you!! What an awesome experience that will be!! And you got a deal! I have to make it til Monday also til I get paid. I'm really stretching the few dollars I have left. The fridge looks a bit empty so I'll have to create some magical meals like my mother used to do when she was feeding seven of us!!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Yes, I'm so excited! We've decided on a date and I've let the lady know, so hopefully all will work out. They even offer 1-4 day courses for those who are serious about becoming falconers. I tell you, I'm tempted, but I may do that next year. It would be fascinating to learn all about it though. Unsure where I would keep a bird, however...