Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Stonehenge, March 2014

Unlike Dannie over at "My Ultimate Life List" I didn't attend the Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge - 23,000 people is a BIT out of my comfort zone (btw, if you haven't read her blog, I suggest you have a peek - she's got a truly amazing bucket list!). Although having said that, it would be kind of cool place to go, particularly as you can apparently get right up and personal with the stones, rather than viewing them from a safe (for the stones) distance.

We're in the middle of a bit of a heat wave here - I know! Where AM I, right? - and I think most of the planet must have a much higher heat tolerance than I do because I hibernate when the temperatures go above about 20C. I swell up and it's incedibly uncomfortable for me. This week we're supposed to get in the neighbourhood of almost 33C! Yikes! I had a couple of outings planned, but may postpone until it cools a bit.

I finished work on June 12th - a week early! - and am really happy with how it worked out. I wasn't supposed to finish until the 19th, as I mentioned in my last post, but on the 9th, the Tuesday, I mentioned to the accountant that I wished I had said the 12th when my manager and I were first discussing this last month after she got back from holiday. I was feeling all over the place that day - frustrated, angry, like I wanted to cry, missing The Scot...I don't get emotional generally, not even when I get my period, so this was a bit confounding to me. The accountant said she wasn't going to say anything, but saw an opportunity and did. My manager/friend called me that evening, we had a bit of a chat and she was perfectly okay with me leaving a week early. We both knew I didn't want to be there and my mind wasn't in it. I was so relieved I cried! On and off all night actually. I didn't realise quite how heavily it was weighing on me.

So. That's done. I've learned a huge amount, but it's now almost 3 weeks on and quite frankly? I'm bored. I'm having to delve into my savings to ensure that I've got enough money to cover my expenses the next several weeks, until I go back to my cousin's. I've been catching up on loads of British dramas ("Broadchurch", "Scott & Bailey", "Vera", and I'm currently watching "Whitechapel", which are all excellent), reading, and unfortunately, starting to feel really down and depressed. Part of it is because I didn't really start looking for work until last week, so have just been 'coasting' along. Being proactive makes everything so much better!

I don't have much "free" cash either, which is also part of the problem, so I'm a bit limited in what I can actually do. Driving means using petrol and parking fees, trains mean tickets, places mean entrance fees, etc., but I'm planning a few outings at least. I'm going to the Hampton Court Flower Show on Saturday with my friend and her mum, and I'm really looking forward to that as Hampton Court is on my to do list before I leave London and the Flower Show is just a bonus. It's going to be fantastic. Heaving, hot and likely will push the limits of my 'people patience', but fantastic nonetheless. I have Windsor Castle on my list, too, and will be taking the train there - only 1/2 an hour and I won't have to contend with the horrific parking options (or lack thereof) here.

I've made more of an effort to get myself out there the past few days. Last week I updated my CV and sent it back to the agency I was with in Southampton last year. I also updated it on a couple of websites, sent off to a few vacancies, and on Friday things started to trickle in. My cousin sent me an email early this morning with FIVE agency phone numbers in it! I've already spoken several times to one of the agencies on it, but I took myself over to the library today - ostensibly to take out some books, but it didn't open until 2, so I instead spent an hour and a half having a picnic and making some phone calls. I'm now registered with two more agencies and one lady is even going to forward my CV to a job that she thinks will work really well for me - working with a financial advice company. The recruitment closes on Friday, but I was quite keen, especially as both the offices are in central Southampton, less than 10 mins walk from the main station. 

Another job I've got my fingers crossed for is a position with a donkey sanctuary in Devon! I'm not sure I've got all the necessary qualifications, but when I saw the job advertisement I cried a little bit, so I think that's a good sign! I should know one way or the other about that in a few days. That would be a much bigger decision and a huge move, but I think it could be really worth it.

I was feeling quite down when I headed out this morning, but after making my phone calls, having my picnic (sans books, sadly) and spending some time in the fresh air by the river with some ducks, I feel much more buoyed up. Knowing that I'm being SEEN out there is a huge boost and I've had some very positive feedback too, so that helps.

My sister is back in the UK after a long walk in France. She managed 450km and felt it was time to stop. She's here for a few weeks then heading back to Canada to walk around Newfoundland with a group of women writers. After that, she'll likely head back to the West Coast to see our mother, then I believe, unless it's changed again, the plan is to head to Australia. Permanently. The plans could change again tomorrow and possibly already have!) but that's the last I'd heard. She and I are planning a trip to Wales in the next while, although it's becoming a bit tricky as we don't have any set dates and I've got a few commitments to meet in there too.

It'll work out. It always does. :)


Karen E said...

So great that things worked out to get you out of a bad situation sooner! I love that your favorite job options are so diverse. :-)

BTW, we hit 110 F here on eastern Washington state this past weekend. That's 43+ C. Yes, it was miserable.

T'Pol said...

Good to hear from you! I understand why you are depressed a bit. However, it looks like there will be a new and wonderful job to keep you busy soon. Think positive, things do get better.

I am amazed at your sister. What does she do for a livng? Is she on some sort of a sabbatical?

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Karen! Always so nice to hear from you! :) Thanks, I'm feeling quite pleased today as I feel I made some good progress yesterday. I'm feeling ready to just get back to it quite frankly - tired of London and have monetary commitments that need taking care of and my bank account is very, very thin.

43C?! I'm swearing in my head - I can't even imagine that. It's 9:30 here and already almost 30C. I'll be staying in today. Phew!

Hi T'Pol: Thank you. I am feeling better today, just getting a bit restless and trying not to let myself get too carried away in my head about stuff. I might take myself out for another picnic today if I can find a shady spot to sit.

This is the link to my sister's page if you're interested. She's an energy worker, writer for spiritual magazines, tarot card reader, etc. Kind of a sabbatical, but she's found her niche in the world and works intuitively, so can work 'on the go' if you will. :)


its me, sam said...

I hope that you find the ideal spot for you this year! And that you can enjoy your summer. Also thanks for posting to the link about your sister... Can;t wait to read it... Ps, are you meeting up with Jane again this year?

The Asian Pear said...

*hugs* sounds like you had quite a few difficult weeks. Good luck with the job in Devon. I didn't even know there were such things as sanctuaries for donkeys! Have fun in Wales. I loved Wales when I visited. Rolling green meadows and hills. Albeit a bit hill-y. ^_^;

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Sam! - I'm sure I will. I think my frustration and restlessness is due to 'something' big about to happen. Whatever it happens to be, I just need to be sure to direct it to my heart as well as my head to make sure it feels right. And yes, I will be meeting up with Jane again this year - hurrah! I've just paid for my portion of the trip and am looking forward to it SO. VERY. MUCH. Have a great weekend! xx

Hi Pear! - Yes, things are finally settling a bit, but still shifting around, but I'm feeling quite buoyed up again today. Isn't Wales beautiful? I love it. We're going to see our cousin and her family and our auntie & uncle. It's going to be lovely - they've put the property up for sale, so it's quite likely it could be the last visit there too. Hoping it will be dry and pleasant and not too hot! Have a great weekend xx