Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunday night chit chat

Here's the Gangsta crew after spending a week building those concrete bins you see behind us. Wow...That feels like a lifetime ago now.

And here we are, in another time and place. Time for Sunday night chit chat, something I haven't participated in in AGES.

What am I 

Reading? "Cat Trick" by Sofie Kelly. It's one of my standard cosy mysteries and has two magical cats in it. The first couple of chapters were really awkward and while the murder has just happened, I find I already don't care because we knew absolutely nothing about the victim. Just his name. I at least want some interaction with the victim and a few people so I can get to dislike (or like) him or her. No hearsay bad behaviour, which is what this is, so far at least. I'm hoping it'll pick up.

Listening to? My landlady and some friends laughing upstairs. I think they're making dinner together. Fun!

Watching? I'm not sure what's on tonight, actually. Probably something on HGTV or one of those channels. May 12 is the season premier of "Long Island Medium" and I'm really looking forward to that! I love her.

Cooking/baking? Nothing at the moment. I had an early dinner and reheated some chicken and rice. I have turkey breasts for tomorrow and will try to think of something relatively creative for those.

Happy I accomplished this week? I finished College!!!!! :) I'm really proud of myself and feel very happy and hugely accomplished. I also got myself a part-time job, and two house-sitting jobs over the summer. That's a lot in a week. Well, at least in my weeks!

Looking forward to next week? I have an eye doctor's appointment tomorrow, a doctor's appointment on Friday, I start work full-time on Tuesday and am alone in the office on Saturday (!), I will be doing some work for the p/t job as well as there is a trade show on the weekend that we'll be attending, and hopefully selling and clearing out some more stuff at the house.

Thankful for today? Sunshine at least, if not spring temperatures yet! An interesting new job and a relaxing evening ahead of me. :)

*Bonus question: What is your preferred method of contacting someone? Definitely email/computer (like FB or something). I'm terrible, however, when it comes to actually sitting down and emailing something long and newsy - I tend to shorter notes, which is why it's actually easier to contact me on FB. I spend far, far, FAR too much time on there and most of my friends send me a note on that.


morningskyhaswaken said...

Life sounds extremely busy already and school is finished too? Wow - sounds like you have lots going on.

Jane said...

Well then, I think you should invite me to be your friend!! Jane Harrison in London, Ontario.
Full-time and part-time jobs? Oh my you will have your hands full! I don't write very long emails either though I try to keep current with my email. Having a work email AND a personal email makes for a LOT of mail!