Sunday, 3 February 2013

End of January: What the money looks like

February already! I'm not sure where January went, but there you are. It's gone. Time for a quick spending update, so I know where I stand.

Jan 26
It seems I actually had a NO SPEND day!

Jan 27
Books (5 from second-hand store): $17.33
Books (5 new...from non-second-hand store): $47.20
Groceries: $18.64

  • frozen broccoli florets (2 x $2.99): $5.98
  • Eggs (I buy free run): $4.89
  • baby spinach (lg container): $3.98
  • Bartlett pears (4): $3.79 (0.915kg @$4.14/kg)
Shoppers: $18.12
  • dish soap (4 x 413 ml): $3.52 (on sale for .88 each)
  • Clearsil: $7.99
  • 'O' magazine: $5.75
Jan 28
Gas: $79.02 (it dropped to 127.9L two days later. Of course it did...)
Milk: (4L) $6.99
Tea: $2.25

Jan 29
Lunch: $11.30 (met a friend for a couple of hours)
Tea/muffin: $4.75
Registration for online program: $20

Jan 30
Breakfast with a friend: $21.06
Tea: $2.25
Groceries: $38.10
  • extra old cheddar: $7.49
  • frozen shelled edamame: $2.98
  • feta cheese: $5.78
  • bananas: $3.13 (1.615 kg @$1.94 kg)
  • green grapes: $7.85 (.895 kg @$8.77 kg
  • oranges: $3.98 (bag of Cara Cara's - they look like pink grapefruit, but are delicious and sweet)
  • red peppers: $3.53 (.435 kg @$8.11 kg - this is 2 peppers)
  • sweet potato: $3.36 (1.190 kg @$2.82 kg - a monster!)
Dinner (sushi): $32.84 (it's expensive here; but I did get leftovers for lunch)

Jan 31
Cheese (3 Baby-Bel's): $3.47 ($1.10 each)
Tea: $2.25

Feb 1
Wal-Mart: $8.03 (12 tins cat food)
Tea/muffin: $4.25

Total weekly spent: $337.85
Unnecessary spends: $89.50

I didn't make any money this week, BUT (!) I did return all the new books I bought. Yes - every single one, so I sort of feel like I made some money. Granted, I spent a lot eating out, but I haven't seen my friends in a while, so as long as I keep it to a minimum (and try to order less), I should be okay with any future meals out.

So, the month comes to (and keep in mind, this is VARIABLE spending):

Total: $1215.30 (...pardon me while I pick myself up off the floor...) O_O
- Unnecessary spends: $261.94

Pardon my French, but that's a merde-load of money that I didn't even make! 

I did write a letter to request that my annual bonus be released in March, so that's something to look forward to. It'll be prorated, but should still be about $1K. As well, income tax time looms and I know I'll be getting something back this year, seeing as I've been in school since September. I can claim full-time tuition and my books. I'll also have this to claim next year, so that's a bit of a bonus.

In the meantime, I need to pull an Asian Pear and live like I have nothing left in my budget this month. Because I really don't. Apart from more cat food, there really is nothing I HAVE to buy. I have 5 gazillion books, which I shouldn't be reading anyway, because I've not read my school textbooks yet, so I don't need any more of those. Apart from bread for sandwiches and the odd veggie and fruit, I'm good for the whole month.

Really! This shall be my challenge to myself - to use what I have in the cupboards (and refresh only perishables and staples) before buying any more food. Let's see how long it will last...

**edited to add: It's funny how things work! There's an online site for buying and selling here that I've cleared a lot of things through over the past year or two. My current batch has been rotating for about a month or more. I edited my album about an hour ago and I've already made $60!! Plus, gotten rid of some things that have been sitting around for ages. How about that? :)


Jane and Chris said...

It seems in Canada that a merde load of money doesn't really stretch that far.
Jane x

ND Chic said...

The prices for groceries does seem quite high where you are. Good for you for returning the books.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in February! My January was VERY spendy too! :)

T'Pol said...

I think I have missed the part when you decided to go to school and stop working. I am assuming you are taking a sabbatical. Yes?

When will you be finished with school and get back to work?

Northern Living Allowance said...

Jane - you're right - and I swear my bag gets smaller and more expensive each shop! We have to eat, though, so what are you going to do? s

ND Chic - They are surprisingly pretty much on par with some of the larger centres down south, which makes me feel better, but I do know you can also get much better prices down south, too, as there are other options for shopping (ChinaTown, markets, etc). We're limited. x

Laura - Thanks! I hope so too. Good luck with yours, too! x

T'Pol - Yes, I'm on 9-months' leave from work, so making no income, apart from a 4-hour a week shift at the school library and a bi-weekly training allowance. I'm back to work starting in June, which is why I'm getting focused on tax refunds! :) x

Jolie said...

There was an old bit on a comedy show where the lady says "I swear inflation has made me stronger! I can now lift $20 in groceries with one hand."

The Asian Pear said...

Lordy! $6.99 for 4L of milk! I do realize you're up north but eeek!! What a markup! At least you made some money this week, so that's good. :)

Also, heh... "pull an Asian Pear." It was a killer month last month. This month it looks like I'll be struggling to the end too.. Thankfully there's only 28 days though. O_O;;

Hawaii Planner said...

The first few times I added up the numbers, I almost collapsed! It's a great check point for me.

Jane said...

I'm always astounded at the price of your groceries!! I mean...$3.36 for one sweet potato! Yeeks!
Hey that was one heck of an amazing mark on your challenge exam - looks like school was an excellent decision.
Chapters has books on sale 3 for $10, but after reading how you returned your books for refund I'm thinking I might pass by this sale and go to the library instead - I mean, it's only 1 block away!!!

Karen E said...

Yeesh, prices are high up there! I went grocery shopping yesterday. Pretty much every time I hit Trader Joe's, I spend about $100... yesterday was higher, but then, I haven't been there in awhile and basically had no food left. lol I did splurge on a container of organic blueberries too... YUM.

I think the trick is finding a good balance. You can't completely strip down everything without any little splurges in there. That will just make you miserable. You prepared well and that's awesome that you had the opportunity to still have money coming in while you're in school.