Sunday, 17 February 2013

Middle of February already!

Time sure flies when you're busy! Here we are in the middle of the month already and I haven't updated yet. I do have all my numbers posted and added and (shockingly...not really) they're similar to last month's.

I was out last Friday with food poisoning - unpleasant, but at least it wasn't a bug. 24 hours of discomfort and it was all over, so there's my silver lining. I was trying to figure out where I got it and I think I've figured it out. I bought a salad from one of the grocery stores and it just tasted...different. Your body knows instantly, but your brain is slower to catch on. I didn't think much of it until I woke at midnight with my gut boiling. Yikes! I missed a dinner with friends and school, but otherwise was feeling back to normal by Saturday, apart from being dehydrated.

I made a cake for a classmate on Monday. I'd planned to make it for my dinner on Friday, so had bought the ingredients, but then because I was sick, I didn't. She'd heard me talking about it and asked if it would be something I'd be interested in making for her - she'd pay me! I told her the first one is free and had fun putting it together on Tuesday. I added sliced strawberries to it (it's a divine cocoa layer cake, so perfect for strawberries) and asked the admin assistants at school to keep an eye on it. One of the students is deathly allergic to strawberries, so I had to keep it away from anywhere that she'd be. I now owe them something for their diligence. I'm thinking "lemon lavender pound cake." YUM!

So, the past two weeks' numbers look like this:

Feb 2

Feb 3
DVDs for a friend: $25 (S 1-3 "How I Met Your Mother")
Groceries: $58.28

  • Milk (4L): $5.57
  • 1lb butter: $3.97
  • Yogurt (12 Iogo): $6.99
  • Lindt chocolate eggs (what?!): $18.05 (.745 kg @$25.60 kg)
  • Honey (1 L): $6.27
  • Cheese: $7.29
  • Chicken something: $$4.39 (I can't read the shorthand)
  • Bread: $4.79
Feb 4
Tea/muffin: $4.75

Feb 5
Tea/scone: $5.25
Massage: $85 (I still have Christmas money from my Mum which paid for this)

Feb 6
Tea/scone: $6.45

Feb 7
Groceries: $10.10
  • Whipping cream (500mL): $2.79
  • Buttermilk (1L): $2.39 (can't seem to get anything smaller than that)
  • Chicken salad: $4.69 (I'm convinced this is the cause of my food poisoning)
Feb 8

Feb 9

Total for week: $202.15
Unnecessary spends: $133.77
Money in: $60 - from sale of "stuff"

Feb 10

Feb 11
Groceries: $12.15
  • Cat food: $5.00 (10 tins @ .50 ea)
  • Crispbread: $2.97
  • Strawberries (2lb): $3.88
Shoppers: $29.42
  • Batteries: $19.99 (16 'AA')
  • Shampoo/conditioner: $7.98 ($3.99 ea)
Tea/muffin: $4.15

Feb 12
Dinner with a friend: $22.11
Gas: $60 (46.912 L @$1.279/L)
Tea/scone: $6.40 (2 tea)
Milk (2L): $3.99

Feb 13
Cupcakes: $20 (1 doz delivered: 1/2 dozen red velvet, 1/2 classic chocolate)

Feb 14
Tea/scone: $5.25

Feb 15
Tea/breakfast bagel: $6.40
Soup: $4.20
Milk (4L)/bread: $10.48

Total for week: $182.42
Unnecessary spends: $46.40
Total money in: $92.01 (Amazon sale, $15 for cake ingredients from classmate)

Total for two weeks: $384.57

Marginally better than last month, so far, but not by much.

My roommate is leaving March 1, so that means my costs are going to go up. I'm debating about getting another one, but I don't want to push my luck and I'm not certain I want to share my (small) space anymore. I'd really like my office space back and to be honest, a roommate would be more beneficial if I were working full-time and bringing in a regular paycheque. I'll reconsider once I get back to work.

I have several things listed on Amazon (and have a few more to list now), and am hoping to pick up some extra work this month through school. That would help, as will any funds I get back at income tax time, although that's a few weeks away yet.

I have a final exam the week after next, as well as a big project due on the 25th. I've actually finished it already, but need to confer with someone else to see if the numbers match. If not, then I may need to do it again.

It's a long weekend coming up (Heritage Day) and our annual Sourdough Rendezvous Festival. Three days of old fashioned fun, although I've heard it used to be seven days and way MORE fun...


ND Chic said...

I understand not wanting a roommate anymore. It's hard to share your own personal space. Why do you say that its more beneficial to have a roommate when you're working?

Your cake sounds delicious. Could that turn into a side hustle for you?

Jolie said...

Ohhh I had food poisoning once. I remember lying on the floor of the bathroom begging for the vomitting to stop, or me to die.

Jane said...

I didn't know you were a master baker! That's an excellent way to earn some extra $$. Isn't the time just flying by?! I'll be headed east in no time! We have a long weekend too - they call it Family Day around here. Supposed to be +2c tomorrow so will likely head to the woods for a hike!

Northern Living Allowance said...

NDChic: yes, I'm ready to have it back. I've been lucky, as I said, and I don't want to push that luck. Too many horror stories out there of bad roomies! I feel it's more beneficial when I'm working, as that money can go directly to my debt, rather than bills. It's not keeping me out of debt and the reason I'd like a roomie if I'm working is so that I wouldn't have to take a second job instead! :P

The baking is more for fun. There are already people in town who do it for money, and my kitchen is so tiny it would end up being ridiculously frustrating. I would lose the enjoyment of it, but I won't say no if someone insists on shoving $$ in my pocket either! :)

Jolie: Awful, isn't it?? I didn't have it as bad as you did, but I waited over three hours to bring everything up. I instantly felt better, but it sure took its time! :(

Jane: Hardly master! It's fun. :) I'm heading to the woods today for a hike as well, just for an hour or so before work, but still. It's -8C and calling for flurries, but that'll hardly slow us down. The dogs won't care at least. :) Enjoy!

Dannie said...

Poor you! Glad your feeling better, although it is never a nice surprise when we suddenly take ill.

Shame about your home costs going up. Sharing is not ideal, but does help to lower things. I have been sharing with others for as long as i can remember!

The sourdough festival sounds like great fun. Enjoy!

The Asian Pear said...

You have a sourdough festival? Seriously... TOO COOL!

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Glad you're feeling better now. Take it easy though on the tummy regardless.