Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday chit-chat

Donegal, Shilo and Monaco. 
Duchess Sanctuary, Oregon.

What are you… 

Reading?  “Plan Bee” by Hannah Reed. Third in a series of light (cosy) mysteries involving a beekeeper. Quite good characters and as I love bees, I’m enjoying them. I have more titles to plow through in the  next few weeks thanks to the library purchasing some new ones.

I SHOULD be reviewing for my English exam on Tuesday, though.

Watching?  Reruns on HGTV. I’m liking the OWN network, too, although I find it a bit odd that so many of the shows on it are crime-related. I especially like “Rescue Mediums.” Two English ladies doing some ghost hunting in “small town” Ontario. Good & spooky!

Listening to?  Nothing but the purring of cats. Otherwise, it’s quite quiet around here. Just the way I like it!

Cooking/Baking?  Planning on butter chicken (with turkey) for dinner. One of my favourites! It means, along with last night's pasta, that I'll have lunches for about two or three days as well.

Happy you accomplished this week? Met a friend for coffee on Wednesday evening. We took it to go and sat by the river for an hour. Lots of activity and even some early kayakers! There’s still snow & ice on the river, so they’re keen.

Looking forward to next week? Finishing up my English course: final exam is Tuesday! Getting to the gym more regularly (now that I know I can use my trainer's notes as guidelines for starting routines), riding my newly tuned-up bike to work.

Thankful for today?  A 10km bike ride before 9am this morning. An amazing accomplishment considering it's been two years since I was last on it. I wasn't huffing and puffing either (thanks, I'm sure, to riding the 10 on a relatively flat surface), but was warm and a bit sweaty when I finished. Just what I wanted. A beautiful sunny day. Getting some light housework done and a little decluttering of the bookshelves - again!

Before I went out this morning on my ride, I checked my window well. Yesterday there was a little vole trying to get out, but every time I went to try to catch him he, of course, disappeared into his nest under the window - this is apparently where he'd spent the winter. This morning I saw several new holes partially dug and saw the little guy lying dead in the leaves. I covered him in leaves and Mother Nature can take care of him in her own way. Not sure what happened to him. He survived the winter, so it wasn't necessarily the cold, and if it had been a neighbouring cat, surely the cat would have taken him away? Regardless, it was quite sad. RIP little fella.

I've added a widget to the top of my sidebars, too. SFT is counting down the days until their trip to Africa, Jane is using it to count down the days to her retirement and I got it from Jane to count down the days until school starts. It's wonderful to have a way to remind me of something I'm looking forward to so much! Why didn't I think of it before?


~Carla~ said...

Love the photo of the horse..they're just beautiful!! :) I love the sidebars, they're great!! I tried to add one to my blog but need to play around with the HTML I!

Lynda said...

RIP Vole!

Anonymous said...

I like the sidebars too! I did mine in HTML and I never remember to update them...:(

Jane and Chris said...

Poor vole...the circle of life.
Jane x

saving for travel said...

Beautiful photo of horses. Where do they live?

The VERY BEST OF LUCK for your English Exam! I'm sure you'll do great.

Sounds like you are making some positive changes to your life with exercise and organisation! Fantastic!

Very sorry about the little Vole, that is so sad.

I love your widget-they are wonderful! I might add a couple more to my blog.

Sft x

Jane said...

I can't feel too sad for the vole as they do a lot of damage to trees over the winter but everybody's gotta live somehow I guess.
Like your countdown widget!! I love mine - it's a real motivator! I just dropped under 800 days!! Woo hoo!