Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday twitterings

  • I deposited my income tax cheque last night and this is how I designated it ($689.50):
    • $100 cash: $60 for my training session tomorrow and $40 for my allowance
    • $24 to gifts, bringing it to a nice even $200
    • $100 to savings: $20 each to vet, travel, school, car and canal boat funds (sidebars updated accordingly)
    • $50 to my LOC, down to $4250
    • $95.62 to VISA, down to $2400
    • $68.95 each to RRSP and my EFund
    • I have just over $120 left, some of which will go to cat food. Otherwise whatever is leftover stays in my account
  • I moved $505.98 from my school account and put it on my MC; this pays off the majority of the school books. I have another $194 (1 book) plus a couple of other purchases I need to pay off.
  • Did a little research into book prices when I was at the college yesterday for two more textbooks that I can get online for quite a bit cheaper (for the second term). I'm going to leave them alone for now, and probably get them closer to the end of the year
  • My mother phoned last night to let me know she'd mailed a birthday card for me. This means that she's included a cheque, as she wants to know when it arrives. I'm okay if it's a little money towards school supplies, but not comfortable with anything much over that, although I'm very grateful - and pleased - that she's being so supportive of my school venture. It's because she's already given me way more than necessary, i.e. my truck.
  • 160 days until school starts! :)
Have a great day everyone!


saving for travel said...

Yeah, you've now got your own little area on my blog. So sweet, have a look!

You sound in such a good place!

Finding some great deals too.

When's the birthday and what are you studying when school starts?

Sft x

Gill - That British Woman said...

you are very organised I am impressed.


Karen E said...

Good job being disciplined and chipping away at the debt. =) I had to chuckle at the Visa amount - I like even numbers too. lol

Jane said...

I round all of my numbers too - they just look so much nicer! I'm so proud of you going for your goals - not long now!

~Carla~ said...

You did a great job spreading your refund around! Well done!! :) And happy birthday!!