Saturday, 10 March 2012

Taxes done at last

I just sent off my income tax return - one less thing to do! After waiting for any final papers, it seems I have everything I need. My last T4 arrived last week and brought my $1000 return down to $689.50, but I'm not complaining. That's terrific and will be split between school, debt & travel once it arrives in several weeks.

I did a bit more online research with respect to textbook buying this morning and have found a couple of sites that will save me some cash on the ones I need. Great news for my budget! I've also had another suggestion of where I could find some money to support my education, so I'm going to look into that on Monday. Asking costs nothing and I won't know until I try.

It's a beautiful day in Whitehorse today, -1C and slightly cloudy. I just got back from a walk with a friend along the river. Her partner made cranberry oatmeal cookies, so I was gifted a few to enjoy later! :) I can officially mark today off as another no spend, too.

All in all a great weekend and I still have brunch to look forward to tomorrow, as well as getting rid of books from last month's declutter.


Dannie said...

Great news about the tax money coming back to you, sounds a nice amount!

Good luck on sourcing the relevant books for your course at hopefully cheap prices:-)

Jane and Chris said...

Thanks for commenting on the Maple Syrup'll you'll be a neighbour for one week?...I do hope the weather is good for's a beaautiful area...I hope you like it.
Jane xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

catching up with what's happening at your place, and must say you are doing really well with all your budgeting.

Dh finally got our taxes filed last week, so waiting in anticipation for our cheques!!


Northern Living Allowance said...

@Dannie - thank you! I'm kind of enjoying it and determined to find the best prices I can!

@Jane - yes, I will. I just spoke with my brother and he's very excited about the ospreys and Gyrfalcon that I read about on your site. He's a keen birdwatcher and it's something I enjoy as well, so we're looking forward to seeing them for ourselves.

@Gill - thank you! I'm feeling good about it. Hope you are healing well and feeling better!