Monday, 26 March 2012

It's Sunday again...all ready!

What are you… 

Reading?  “Seaweed on Ice” by Stanley Evans. This is the second in a series of books about a Coast Salish cop in Victoria (!) – all the titles are along the same lines: Seaweed on the Street, Seaweed on the Rocks, etc. It’s fun because not only is it well-written, it takes place in the city I consider home and where I lived for 16 years, so I can visualize the places he goes (apart from the fictional aspects, obviously) and how he gets there.

I’m also reading Martha Beck’s “Finding Your Own North Star.” I’ve just started it, but she’s very funny and I’m enjoying the process. It’s about listening to your ‘essential’ self (your heart/soul, whatever it is that speaks to you honestly about, well, everything: your job, people, situations, etc) and how to let it guide you to what you are supposed to be doing in life, your “North Star,” and figure out what it is that these uncomfortable, awkward and just plain “wrong” situations are supposed to teach you, so that you can find your North Star faster and more clearly.

Watching?  Nothing special. J

Listening to?  The landlords upstairs cleaning.

Cooking/Baking?  Tuna casserole for dinner this week. YUM!

Happy you accomplished this week? Had a co-worker over one evening for some card readings! She read gypsy cards for me and I did an Angel card reading. Then we each had a Goddess card reading. It was fun. I also managed to write up a thesis and outline for my final (research) essay for my English class and can’t believe it took me so long to get through it! I took a topic the instructor had suggested and varied it a little, so I hope that’s acceptable.

Looking forward to next week? Meeting with a personal trainer to chat about what I’m hoping to achieve. I haven’t yet joined the gym, so this is informational at this point, although it’s not a free session. Going to the bank tomorrow to chat about funding options for school and will be working/thinking this week about what I want to do for my birthday, with respect to challenges to be accomplished this year (apart from school…).

Thankful for today?  Met up with a friend and we went for a photography outing and tea for about 3 hours. It was lovely. There was very light snow this morning, but it cleared up into a beautiful afternoon. Got rid of another bag of books at the second hand store for some credit and picked up some groceries. 


Gas has gone up to $135.9! That must have happened yesterday, as I filled up on Thursday for 4 cents less a litre and it was still the same price on Friday when I was out. I'm going to be walking or biking much more often this summer, I can guarantee that. I'll have to take my bike in for a tune-up next month, likely with my first paycheque. It should take me about 20 minutes to bike to work, which is quite reasonable.

Definitely missing CS...Hope you're okay!  :\

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~Carla~ said...

Sounds like you had a nice day! It's always nice doing something relaxing & fun with a friend! :) Gas was 140 here today!! Glad I don't drive! lol!