Thursday, 1 March 2012

Decision time

I had a conversation with a co-worker yesterday and my back and the fact that I'm unhappy at work and that's partially what's contributing to my back problems. She's a lovely woman and I really value any input or insight that she gives me. She's also unhappy at work - to the point that she and I both look forward to holidays, not because we're on holiday and have lots of fun things to do, BUT BECAUSE WE'RE NOT AT WORK. That's not what a holiday should be.

So. What came of this conversation is that I'm seriously thinking about going back to school full-time and just getting the program done, rather than fumbling through it part-time as and when I can. I'm mailing my transcript request in today - god knows when the college will receive it - but of course this leads to thoughts of financing this gig and supporting myself while doing it, which would be approximately 10 months. A phone call to the college this morning also indicated that if I'm going to apply full-time I need to do it NOW, as the program fills quickly. So, essentially, I have to make a decision by tomorrow.

Let's make a list.

1) I can take a leave from work (unpaid) and still have my job to go back to when I'm finished (if needed).
2) I can use my RRSPs to fund the education (LLP program). It's non-taxable and I have to pay them back, but it's definitely an option if I enrol full-time. I also have some CSBs I could cash in.
3) I would get it DONE, instead of dragging it out, leaving me in the position to find a new job sooner, rather than later.
4) I can get a $97 per week grant to cover my food costs from the government (it will help).
5) This opportunity excites me and at this moment feels like the right thing to do.
6) I'd be away from work for 9. Whole. Months.

1) I'm not working, so would have to find some way of paying rent, etc. I would have to discuss this carefully with my landlady. She's a doll, but there are limits.
2) I'd have to save every single penny I make between now and September if I want to have some money to live on while I'm studying. Not sure if I can also get Student Loans if I use my RRSPs. Will have to look into that. I'd rather have the student loans than cash my RRSPs, to be honest.
3) Um...

Well...a rather unbalanced list in favour of the pros for sure. Any thoughts? Arguments? Points in favour or not?

Either way, I'll be doing the progam, as if I don't do the full-time, I'll be registered for the part-time.



Michelle P said...

Sounds like you should go back! That's great that you're work will let you leave and come back.

Karen E said...

Is it possible you could work part-time while taking classes? When I went back to get my coding certification, I was in school full-time and worked a part-time job that would work with my school schedule to avoid taking out loans. It's harder, but you wouldn't come out the other side with loans to pay back.

Canadian Saver said...

Wow, you've definitely examined the pros and cons!! Lots to think about...

Dannie said...

Sounds like some good pros and cons and great that your thinking about widening your horizons and not just putting up with the mundane. Good luck with your decisions.