Saturday, 4 February 2012

A busy day!

There was no decluttering going on today, unless you count a lot of recycling. I don't really as that's generally par for the course, although it did feel good to finally get rid of it. I have a corner in my office that's my Recycling Collection Point and it tends to build up for longer than it should. Once it reaches the point that the door won't open all the way, I transfer some to the truck...ahem...

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Ha!

I had a list of things to do and get today and I'm happy to say that I completed most of them. Costs associated with each are included.

Chiropractic appointment: check! $40 (actually I only had $38, so owe $2)

Groceries: check!
4L 1% milk: $4.69
Salmon: $18.22 (family size, will last me about a week!)
Ground turkey: $5.37
Bananas: $2.11 (1.090 kg @$1.94/kg)
Berry bowl: $5.65 (mixed fruit salad of strawberries, blackberries and blueberries)
6 Ambrosia apples: $4.94 (1.505 kg @$3.28/kg)

Officially adopting Fat Joey by FINALLY filling out the paperwork: check! $0 :)

Cat food: check! 12 tins @$1.56 ea = $18.77

Recycling: check!

And my naughty purchase (and the reason I owe $2 to the chiropractor): 3 books $22.02. There goes most of my allowance for the month, but really. I was the 25% off signs that dazzled me, I'm afraid.

I went to the bank with all my rolled coin and US$. I deposited the US$ and now have $101.00 in that account. My rolled coin amounted to $205! I put $50 onto my LOC as an extra payment and the rest, $155, onto my VISA. This is technically an extra payment, but because I bought my plane ticket I'm not really counting it as extra, because it doesn't fully clear the ticket cost. Regardless, it's snowflake money and every little bit helps.

I have just sent off my first English essay thesis to my instructor and over the next few days have to sketch out my ideas for the completed essay which is due next Friday. I've also spoken with an instructor at the college in a certificate program I've decided to register for. I'll be attending part-time and it appears most of the course is online, so I can do it as and when I can. I'm quite excited as I think this is the right program for me. It "feels" right and I can get started before the end of February, so that's even more motivating.


Canadian Saver said...

You've had a very productive day!

Congrats on the kitty adoption :-)

Jane said...

That's a lotta COINs! It must have been a heavy load to carry! Isn't it wonderful to get most of your list "crossed off?" Congrats on such a productive day!

Jolie said...

Congrats on the new addition to your life. Such a handsome kitty .

Northern Living Allowance said...

@CS - thank you! It's about time. I've only been fostering him almost two years...

@Jane - I was really surprised. I've been collecting my loonies & toonies, so that's what made the difference. I like! :) It was heavy, but I only had to carry it a block, so that was okay.

@Jolie - thank you! He is, isn't he? Down from 9.9kg when I got him in May 2010, to 7.8kg last June! He's still a monster, though, but a very sweet boy.