Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday chit-chat

My first "Sunday Night Chit-Chat" posting. What a great idea to wrap up the week! Thanks Carla. :)

What are you… 

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Sarah Rainone. A Nick Hornby-esque book about a group of 4 twenty-somethings reconnecting at a wedding for two high school friends. The collective dislike of the bride & groom – and their reasons behind it - comes out as you follow each person’s story. Each chapter is a different character and "named" for a song.

“The Return of Sherlock Holmes” on DVD (although not as enthusiastically as I thought I would, despite Jeremy Brett as Holmes) & almost anything on the HGTV & DIY networks. Since my new landlady got satellite installed when she arrived in October, I'm afraid I've been a slave to the remote...

Friday night I watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” I love animated movies and hadn't yet seen this one. I have “Nice Guy” starring Jackie Chan lined up for some time this week, too. I [heart] Jackie! Adorable AND a kung fu master.

Listening to?  
“Top 25” on my iTunes playlist. Not very interesting, as this is what I *always* listen to.

Butter chicken with rice (although this is technically leftovers). Plotting the best way to use up a bunch of overripe bananas. 

My last creative effort was a raspberry lemon mousse cake for New Year’s Day. It's a fussy and slightly frustrating recipe, but well worth the effort once it's completed. I switched the gelatin for agar agar, the vegetarian/vegan alternative, as I'm trying to avoid anything that has to do with (dead) horses in that respect. That also means most yogurts are out, as many of them contain gelatin. This is ongoing, although how I would replace glue is a bit of a conundrum...

Happy you accomplished this week?  
No un-necessary spending, and a big dent in my VISA debt: almost $500 this month - already!

Looking forward to next week?  
Much of the same: more no-spend days; continue making breakfast and lunch daily; keeping my “eyes on the prize” as the saying goes and aiming for my base 2013 travel fund by the end of the year.

Thankful for today?  
It’s -36C outside. I am thankful my cats and I have a warm, safe and comfortable place to live. That I have the best landlady E.V.E.R. And that you guys have welcomed me back so warmly after a lengthy silence. You’re awesome!


Canadian Saver said...

Lots of interesting stuff going on up North! I'm really into movies now, I went about 4-5 years not watching many so I have so many to catch up on!

Brrrr sounds super cold there!!! I won't complain when it gets to -10C tomorrow!

Have a great week :-)

Michelle P said...

Good job with making a dent in your visa debt!

Northern Living Allowance said...

@CS - I'm the same way with movies. I'm currently in an "off" cycle...And we're going to get slammed the next two weeks with true Arctic temps. Ah well. It's where we live! :P

@Michelle P - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've added you to my blogroll. :)

saving for travel said...

Loved the recent Sherlock films and the BBC adaptation.

Great work with the spending.

Good to hear you're loving where you live.

Sft x