Monday, 16 January 2012

Remember how I said I prefer the snow and the cold to beaches? I got my wish, because this is what our week looks like:

It's supposed to go up a smidge and then right back down next week, too. What it doesn't mention for today is the heavy ice fog that's obliterating the valley. Most times it burns off by early afternoon, but sometimes it hangs over town all day. Terrible stuff for vehicles - and people! About midway down the page are some photos of what ice fog looks like - it's essentially just 'regular' fog, but frozen. Brrrr!

Stay warm everyone!


Jolie said...

We are in the deep freeze here for the first time this winter. Going from zero or plus temps to low -20 plus shivery wind is a hard adjustment. Keep warm!!!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Is it ever! Stay warm and be careful out there, Jolie!

Gill - That British Woman said...

lucky you, you're in for a "heat wave" on the weekend by the looks of it.....LOL

We are to get above freezing toady....YEAH!!!!! Oh the joys of living in Canada......try and stay warm.


Laura said...

We're pretty cold here too. Apparently it's even hitting Vancouver! They will be experiencing a low of -6. Babies.

saving for travel said...

Wow! Didn't realise you were in the Yukon Territory.

That is one low temperature, how does life go on in those fogs?

Keep wrapped up warm and take it easy.

Sft x

Canadian Saver said...

Oh wow.... sooooooooooooo cold! We're getting up to +7 tomorrow, unreal.

Stay warm!

Jolie said...

Is it warming up yet???

Northern Living Allowance said...

@Jolie - it depends who you want to believe! Today both Environment Canada and the Weather Network have us at -38C, heading to -14C for Monday. The outlook further than that, according to WN is looking quite grim: down to -40C or below the following week..

So, no, not really! You??