Saturday, 2 October 2010

This & that

I have a list of things to do today, my day off. This isn't technically one of them, but it's been a while since I've updated, so I thought I'd write up a quick post and update.
  • Got a steal of a deal at work yesterday! I saw a carpet that was destined for "scrap" (i.e. trash) and asked about it. It was a return for one reason or another (possibly defective?) and at first glance it looked in perfect shape, so I asked the GM about it. He asked if I was sure I wanted it, not (really) knowing what could be wrong with it. I said 'yes.' So he gave it to me for $10!! These sell for $125 - $150, so I'm thrilled. And it will go very nicely with the new furniture set. Perhaps all the reasons it was returned will show up once I get it unrolled, but it just seemed like such an enormous waste of goods.
  • Put the snow tires on the truck, too. We had 12cm of snow last weekend (!!) and although it all melted in a day or so, I decided to not press my luck this year and put the tires on early. It's going to be a cold one this year. It's been a gorgeous autumn, though, and the lovely weather is continuing, but you can definitely feel the chill in the air, particularly in the mornings.
  • The new position at the 2nd job is going well. I'm finally beginning to feel like I understand what I'm doing. Lots of details (and I'm not really a detail person), so it's been a quite exhausting few weeks while I get myself up to speed on all this. I like it, however, and being off the floor is a definite plus.
  • The new vehicle is on hold for the time being. I sent them the money to cover the truck cost last week and then heard from my friend yesterday that their son was in a car accident here and had to be airlifted to Vancouver. He had surgery for a broken neck on Tuesday. So, I sent them a note hoping things went well for him. The truck will be here when it's here. It's not important right now. I don't want to hear anything about it, actually, until their son is in the clear. Awful news!
  • My German class officially started yesterday, so I have to make sure I make & take the time to review, study and learn. At least I have the opportunity to practice, too. There are two others at work who speak German, so we said that next time we're all working together, we'll have a German night.
  • There's a knitting group that meets at the library - I think once a month - that I might look into joining. It's quite casual, but could be quite motivating.
  • Currently watching "All Creatures Great & Small" S4. Enjoyed the first three seasons, although it's a bit slow (comparatively at least), but now the actress who played his wife in the first three seasons has changed and it brings a totally different feel to it, as do the two children who have suddenly appeared. The last season ended with him going off to London to join the war.
  • Am going for a craniosacral adjustment on Tuesday afternoon. I slammed my hip against the service counter at work a couple of weeks ago and I must have hit it harder than I thought because last week I could barely sit, stand for long periods of time or lift things. I suppose it bruised the pelvis, or knocked it out of line or something. Anyhow, the craniosacral adjustment is supposed to help bring everything back in line. It's similar, I suppose, to chiropractic in that it's a physical adjustment, but it's far less...physical. Just subtle realignment using energy and gentle turns and realignments. It's more expensive, but I love trying new alternative medicine, so thought I would give it a shot.
  • I've been working too much and had a bit of a meltdown at work last weekend. I do have some time off coming up which will really help, but it confirmed that lack of sleep, poor eating, early starts, new jobs and not using my downtime properly does have a negative affect on the body. I need to take much better care of myself and get out of debt sooner rather than later, so that I can go back to one job.
  • The debt, however, IS coming down! I owe $625 for the furniture (down from $1500 in August) and am down to $3650 on my LOC. I stopped my auto-savings for the time being, allowing me to put an extra $240 towards the debt each month, so that's really helping. This month is a 5-paycheque month for me, so I will be able to make more big dents. It's very motivating to see the amounts drop so much each week.

I have to stop my procrastinating now and get this place tidied up, re-organized and cleaned. It's looking a bit thrown together and I need to get it organized, as well as do a vacuum, the dishes, some German, and a laundry. It's a lot to do in a day, but needs to be done. Grocery shopping will wait until tomorrow after work. I also need to try and get a little caught up with everyone's blogs...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Canadian Saver said...

Wow, you have so much going on! hope you listen to your body and slow down a bit...

Sorry about your new truck being delayed, but it sure is for a good reason. Hope the poor guy gets better soon.

Take care!

Monique said...

Love reading your site -glad I found it..
Stretching the One Income Dollar