Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year Spending

I was out shortly after 8am this morning, having decided not to procrastinate. My goal: Canadian Tire. I spotted an item that I've had my eye on for probably two years in the latest flyer. It's a little wheeled kitchen cart that will give me a bit of extra storage room and counter space. The regular price is $190 (actually $20 more than when I first saw it two years ago), the sale price $114. A considerable savings.

Another item I was considering was this microwave stand. Nothing fancy, but again, extra storage as well as making space on my counter by holding the microwave. The regular price is $100. The sale price $60.

The dilemma this morning, even as I was standing in front of them, was which one do I choose? I got a $100 Canadian Tire gift certificate from my mum for Christmas (I asked) and had already spent $25 of it. I could spend an extra $40 (out of my snowflake jar) and get the item I've been eyeing for two years, or I could spend $60 and walk away with $15 still in my pocket. I ultimately decided to go with my first choice, the one I've wanted for so long and to pay the $40 difference. I think it's a great deal, despite the little voice in my head saying "but if you hadn't've spent that $25 earlier, you'd only be paying $15 for this!"

Yes, but I still saved $150 and that's substantial, particularly when I'm not sure this item is actually worth that much anyway! :) And technically, because I'd snowflaked the $40, my jars are still intact.

My spends look like this today:

Gas: $47.77 (96.9 ltr)
I had a coupon for double the superbucks at the Superstore gas station, so I filled up there before I went in to pick up a few things.

Groceries @ SuperStore

Frozen peas x 2: $4 ($2 ea)
Frozen corn x 2: $4 ($2 ea)
Bulk quinoa (1.305 kg $9.80 kg): $12.79
Hummous: $5.49

Total: $26.28
coupon: $-2.69
Total paid: $23.32

Groceries (elsewhere):

Kashi Organic Cinnamon cereal x 2: $12.98
Christmas cards x 2 pkgs: $9.98
Rice milk, original x 3: $8.97
Rice milk, vanilla x 3: $8.97
Lottery tickets (1st time in 3 1/2 yrs!!): $11.00

Total: $52.40

Potatoes: (2.860 kg @ $1.96 kg): $5.61
Pasta sauce x 2: $7.58
Veggie ground round x 2: $8.78
Tropical green tea: $3.69

Total: $25.71
Total groceries: $101.43

So my (bi) weekly gas jar is empty, as is my grocery jar for the most part, but I'm pleased with the spends as it was all cash. The coins went straight into my coin box to await rolling.

I'm still working on my goals for posting and hope to have them complete in the next day or so. I'm trying to keep "baby steps" in mind and not get wrought up worrying that my goals may be too ambitious.


Canadian Saver said...

You got that cart for an awesome price! And don't you just love gift cards???

Your groceries are very healthy.... do you go back to the naturopath soon?

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi CS - Happy New Year! I do love gift cards, yes!! And this is one reason why.

I wanted to do a small shop to take me through to Wednesday. I bought some other stuff a couple of days ago, but was running out of rice milk.

I'm going back to the naturopath on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to what she says and I'm REALLY hoping that milk can come back into my diet, if for nothing else but tea. Of everything I could have cravings for, I wasn't expecting to miss it so much.

The Asian Pear said...

that is a NICE cart. gorgeous really and a great price.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Pear! Thanks, I'm really pleased with it. It's currently in the back of the truck because I can't lift it! HAHAHAHA! I'll have to wait until D gets back on Wednesday. He can do a little project for me... :)