Monday, 4 January 2010

Day Three Goal Hiccups!!

So my very first goal was to aim to reach $1K in my chequing account so that I could waive the monthly fees. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to make that: the minimum "fee waive" for my particular account is $3500!

Okay, so I have one less thing to do this year with respect to money. This leaves me an additional $40 a month to put toward my debt if I look at it that way. And less for me to think about achieving.

Otherwise, I did okay today. I'm thrilled that I paid $1000 towards my computer. That leaves me with an outstanding balance of just $325 or so. I did also add to my groceries, but not with cash. I stopped to buy rice cakes and spelt flour ($32.13 - RIDICULOUS!!!) and butter ($4.59). The first items went on my CC and the second on debit. *Sigh*

Mind you, I have over $100 in rolled coin now, which I'm taking to the bank tomorrow to put on my LOC and Visa card. I have to remember to take my debit & credit cards out of my wallet, so I'm not tempted, and replace them with a $20, so I have cash if I need it, but a set limit.

I've had such a great holiday that I'm not going to let the CC slip get to me. It's not worth it in the long run and besides, now I can have PANCAKES for breakfast!! :)


Middle Way said...

Yeah for pancakes! Congrats on the big payment!

Would a chequing account with President Choice Financial work for you?

It is what we use -- it's free,no minimums with free cheques.

The Asian Pear said...

woah. $3,500 minimum. That's insane. Have you talked to your bank to see what they can do for you? sometimes they'll change it or waive it completely.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Middle Way - Someone else mentioned the President's Choice Financial the other day. I'll have to look into it, I think. Thanks for stopping by :) The big payment felt GOOOOOOOD, too!

Hi Pear - I know, eh? This account is actually the best one for me because I do so many transactions . I get an unlimited number for $10 p/mth. It's far better than the last account I had where I had only a few free transactions and then had to pay for each consecutive one. That added up to way more than $10 each month. But yeah, I was surprised...

Anonymous said...

You've almost got that computer paid for! Woo!

And $3500 - MINIMUM? That is crazy!

Hopefully you can switch over to PC! I was going to make the switch, but the town I am planning on moving to in SK doesn't have one! So I stick with Scotiabank.