Thursday, 1 October 2009

One less thing to worry about

On Monday I got my letter stating that my Student Loans were clear. On Tuesday I got my confirmation letter from Revenue Canada, letting me know that I was up to date and clear on my debt to them (I cleared the $700 remaining at the same time I cleared the Student Loans).

Yesterday I went to HR and signed my offer letter for a permanent position at work! Hurrah! It's 60 hrs bi-weekly and is the absolute minimum I need to live on (and I can no doubt do more shaving with my expenses). I'm really pleased, as it means I don't have to think about the end of March, when the original term position was up. Whether I can afford a new(er) car or not is still up in the air at this point, but anything is possible and I am starting to look. :) I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about the changes (perm job, quitting the hotel, more time on my hands) and we agreed that any changes take some time to stick: whether it's a new job, new boss, or more free time! I'm finding myself still a bit antsy on my days off, but only because I don't have any fixed routines yet. I'll find my feet slowly, although I'm NOT complaining.

My extra time will also hopefully allow me to take two classes at the college instead of just one, starting in January. It's still a bit early to see what's available, but I'll be registering as soon as I know.

I talked to my sister this morning who asked me for a big favour. She was supposed to go to Edinburgh for her PhD studies starting this month, but the funding fell through and they've now postponed it until next year. Because they were supposed to be gone by now (and also because their landlord is very forgetful, forgot they were moving and so didn't rent out their apartment!) they are short on rent. So I've loaned them $1K to see them through. It hurt to take the money out of my Planned Spending fund, but as I'm going to get my new winter tires on Monday anyway, I transferred everything all at the same time. Poor fund! A solid beating in 5 minutes for sure, but I can't refuse to help my sister. I also couldn't say I don't want it back, because I do, so I did. But I'm glad all the same that I have the means to help (and that it wasn't much more than that!).

Trip options for October (or November):

1 week in Victoria, staying with my sister & BIL and visiting/shopping. Cost: rtn air fare/ferry approx. $700.


1 long weekend in Vancouver (rtn flight AND 2 nights hotel accom): $475.

It should be a no brainer because these package deals are stupidly cheap, but I'm undecided. I have plenty of time to think, though, as the pkg deals only need a 3 day advance purchase, so it could even be a fairly last minute decision, but I'm still torn. Hmmm.

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The Asian Pear said...

wow. school loans paid AND a permanent position!

you're a good sister. I'm not sure I could have done the same... haha. When I did, I nagged my brother continuously about it.