Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Beautiful words!

Your Student Loans are Paid in Full
I got the confirmation letter today. :) Boy, does it feel good! Granted, it wasn't tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars that I owed, but it was enough to be a weight around my neck and I am SO happy to have them paid off (and 5 years early). I'm awaiting the letter from Revenue Canada to let me know that I'm clear there, too.
I was also one of "those" people today; you know the ones. They put miniscule amounts on their credit cards. I had to sign some legal paperwork for my mother's lawyer in Victoria and paid $5.25 for the notary to sign & witness. Okay. I had the cash for that. What I DIDN'T have the cash for was the envelope and stamp to mail it! $2.91. I was 7 cents short! The debit limit at the post office is $5. ARGH! Can you believe it? I think this is payback for my smugness about NOT being one of "those people."
I registered for curling yesterday, too, which set me back $174.20 more than I had anticipated, however, it was a LOT of fun and I need to have some social time with my friends on a regular basis. I've joined a team with three Germans and a girl from France; she was determined to think of a name for us, so we called ourselves the "Crazy Europeans." I have a British passport and while the Brits don't actually think of themselves as Europeans (although everyone else does...), it's close enough, as I'm only one generation removed. I'm surprisingly not too sore today - it was tougher than it looks. The balancing is the hardest part, but once you have a rock in hand, it's a bit easier. The rest is just lots of practice.


Arual said...

Congratulations Lady! :)

psychsarah said...

Congratulations! No matter how big or small the loans were, it is an accomplishment to have them paid off. :)

Christine said...

So that's what they do in your neck of the woods? Curling. :P j/k. Have a load of fun with it!

And much congratulations on paying off the student loans. Now that it is paid off and you have all that extra money...ready to pay mine off for me? hehe. Congrats!

Canadian Saver said...

Congratulations on the payoff :-)

Frugal Dreamer said...


*hangs head in shame*

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Thanks everyone! :) I get the "it's so freeing not to have debt" hype now. I still have my LOC to pay, but it's flexible and I can adjust it accordingly.


The Asian Pear said...