Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I find it disturbing that when I was searching for photos of poppies I ended up at a site promoting white supremacy...

I'd just like to take a moment to say "thank you" to those who have fought and died for our freedom in the past and who are fighting now. To those who fought bigotry and hate, so we can have the choices and freedoms we currently enjoy and - usually - take for granted. I bought a poppy several weeks, but lost it shortly afterwards, so felt a little naked without it today. I like to have the spot of colour.

My day was long. I had an early shift at the hotel and we were overstaffed at the front desk, so there wasn't much to do, which is really frustrating. It does mean double time, however, which is nice for my paycheque and I've decided that taking some extra shifts in banquets (serving, setting up, tearing down, etc.) over the Christmas season might be the way to go for some extra cash.

My spending today:

Tea $1.92
Gas $48.84 (46.555L @ $104.9L <--YAHOO!! Plus I made $1.40 I can put towards groceries at SuperStore).

I'm reading an excellent book, if anyone is interested in a recommendation. It's called the "Zookeeper's Wife" about the Warsaw Zoo during the war and how it became central to the Resistance and as a hiding place and way station for escaping Jews. It's really hard to read about the death of the animals, but it's a really well written and compelling read.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a lovely post my dear.

Canadian Saver said...

I heard about that book, will put it on my reading list for later.

Gas here is $0.91/L... my parents updated us with the good news when we called from the trip!

I enjoy reading about your hotel work. I spent 9 years working summers and p/t at a hotel here... it's now been demolished but I still have fond memories of my experience there.