Friday, 14 November 2008

Mid-week(ish) update

This is why I love the Yukon in the winter - most days look exactly like the photo, beautiful, bright, sunny. With 8 months of winter, that's a good thing!

I'm really pleased that I've managed to do so well with my big grocery shop two weeks ago. I STILL have lots of food left. I've been able to take lunch every day and also have plenty left over for my dinner. It's a good thing I like potatoes! 10 lbs is a lot for one girl to eat...

My spending yesterday was stamps for my international Christmas cards for a total of $20.16 (12 Int'l, 2 US). I even got them mailed off, so that's one less thing to worry about this month. I'm not going to worry about my Canadian cards just yet, but can work on getting them done during my shifts at the hotel over the next several weeks. I'll sure need something to do, as high season is long gone...

I also bought a book: David Bach's "Start Late, Finish Rich", $23.05 (inc. tax). Are personal financial books a need or a want?? I've read his "Smart Women Finish Rich" and felt that this other title was more than appropriate.

Today my spending looked like this:
Phone/Internet payment: $43.00
Coke: $2.06
Tea: $1.92
Books: $50.30 (1 financial book, Gail's bible: "Your Money or Your Life", and a travel book, which will be paid for out of my travel account - "Lonely Planet: Southwest USA").
I went to the photostore today to check out tripods, too, as that will be my next purchase. There are some decent ones for 20% off right now, but I have to take into consideration weight, strength and durability as well. I was surprised they weren't as pricey as I imagined, to be honest, which is promising. A friend is loaning me hers for the pet photos over the next two weekends, so I can see how that works and make a decision from there. Some of the tripods even had little min levels on them...
I also loaned my friend $10 for gas for his truck (he gets paid tomorrow), and as he's good at paying me back, I don't mind doing this on occasion, although I did call him a mooch.
But it's time for me to get to bed, even though it's only 8:45. I was so tired by the time I got home after work today that I was dreaming of bed when I walked in the door at 5:30!


Cathy said...

Hello there
Nice photo 'cept for one thing - it looks cold lol
Have been reading some of your posts and enjoying them. Will be back another day to read more
Take care

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-8 months of winter, brr, you must be used to it by now!! It does look stunning where you live though, beautiful indeed!! I love potatoes too-I could have them every night, but everyone moans, LOL!! Well done for keeping on track too! I want to go to the library and get some personal finance books out, hope your ones are good too, sounds like they were a great buy!

Anonymous said...

How did you like "Smart Women Finish Rich?"

Good for you for getting those cards out already, i am definitely not that organized :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, it ALMOST makes me want to move there. ;-)

Lol on the potatoes - when my husband and I first lived together and I told him I couldn't cook, he said as long as I made good mashed potatoes, we'd be fine. I make a mean mashed potato, thank goodness! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a nice pictures. It snowed for the first time this year last night, but it didn't stick.

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks sooooo lovely! Soooo lovely!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful :)