Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weekend Round-Up

I figure I might as well update while I can. I'm "in between" things on my big to do list and as I just want to sit and have a cup of tea for a few minutes while I try to re-organize my thoughts.

My list for the next three days (pre-travel) looks like this:

1) Do the recycling
2) Buy sealant and seal window frames - DONE, Oct 4
3) Put plastic up over windows - TWO DONE; need more plastic :\
4) Get snow tires on truck
5) Dinner with my friend tonight
6) Clean my apartment
7) Sort my winter/summer clothes - DONE
8) Take older/non-fitting stuff to charity - DONE
9) Take unwanted DVDs to store for trade-in
10) Laundry - DONE
11) Make sure my garbage cans are emptied (so no stinky surprises when I get home!)
12) Rinse and recycle all my plastic containers
13) PACK!

I saw my friend who'll be taking care of my cats last night, and gave him a run-down of what/how much they eat and when, but I'll leave notes anyway (Okay, so I worry about my cats...) and I also have to call the friend who is being really great and picking me up on Wednesday morning to take me to the airport.

My spending yesterday looks like this:

Breakfast $5.41
Gas $50 ($132.9/L) - I won't be driving for 10 days or so, so this is for the month
Canadian Tire $17.01 (water, sticky tape & silicone for my windows)

I also used my LOC to pay off my credit cards in full and I used the justification that the LOC interest rate is half the interest rate of one card and a THIRD of the second card. The total amount for the two was $624.95. Not quite getting myself out of debt, but like I said, I justify the decision simply because of the low(er) interest rate of the LOC.

Okay! Time to get myself going again, or I'll lose my momentum!


Anonymous said...

Haha, don't feel silly, when i go away i worry about my cats too! :) and miss them so much when i'm gone.

Anonymous said...

You are doing so well! I'm so proud of you!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done and have a great time off!!