Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Taking Stock

My "to do" list is pretty much done! I am really pleased that I actually managed to get so much done in such a short period of time - I generally procrastinate like crazy, so apparently the impending travel is quite a motivator!

1) Do the recycling - DONE
2) Buy sealant and seal window frames - DONE
3) Put plastic up over windows - Three done; left the bedroom window undone so as not to deprive my Princess's viewing public of her pretty self (will do it when I get back)
4) Get snow tires on truck - DONE
5) Dinner with my friend tonight - DONE
6) Clean my apartment - Bathroom, vacuuming & dishes DONE
7) Sort my winter/summer clothes - DONE
8) Take older/non-fitting stuff to charity - DONE
9) Take unwanted DVDs to store for trade-in - DONE (+$7)
10) Laundry - DONE
11) Make sure my garbage cans are emptied (so no stinky surprises when I get home!) - DONE
12) Rinse and recycle all my plastic containers - NOT DONE
13) PACK! - DONE

So all in all, I did pretty well. I also returned two pairs of pants and exchanged another. I've taken $100 out of the bank so that I have some cash to travel with tomorrow as I know there will be some costs involved in getting myself to the Island. I'm getting SO excited! :-) I can't believe it's been over two years already. I am splurging somewhat and renting a car for two days to visit some friends while I'm on the island, so I'm going to have to make sure I'm careful not to get carried away the rest of the trip.

I am a little concerned about my little girl cat, Dinah; of course just as I'm heading out of Territory for an extended period of time, it appears she's got a bit of an infection in her lower lip. It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all (unless I fuss with it), so I suppose all I can do is ask my friend to keep an eye on it while he's here. I've learned that tea tree oil is toxic to cats, so I can't put that on it, but I did try a little antiseptic cream which might help a little bit. Regardless, it will require a vet visitThere's always something!

My spending hasn't been TOO bad over the past couple of days. This is how it breaks down:

Oct 5/08

Dinner $45.90 (that was just mine...ouch)

Oct 6/08

Tim Hortons: $6.58 (2 teas, 2 cinnamon buns)
Returns: $28.35 & $33.60 = +$61.95

Oct 7/08

Starbucks $4.28 (hot chocolate, chocolate croissant; and I'm sure that's not quite right because a venti costs $4.75...)
Snow Tires $100.80 (from car account which is suddenly very low).

Although I'm not really a Starbuck's fan, I had a nice couple of hours sitting there with my book, just relaxing and waiting for my truck to be ready. I haven't ever really done that before.

It's a cup of tea and an early night for me. I have to be up early to catch a plane! :-)

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