Thursday, 30 October 2008

First, the Victoria photos

Strait of Juan de Fuca.

St John's, NF - 4393 km east.

Robbie and Sparky playing with rocks (Sparky LOVES to chase them...)

Sweetie Pie. My sister's neighbour's cat.

A grand old Victorian in James Bay.

Another James Bay home - actually my sister's place (there are 4 apartments in it).

The Legislature buildings.

The grand old lady Empress.

Miniature horse at Beacon Hill Petting Zoo.

The happy couple.

Wedding roses.

Sunrise near Crofton, BC.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!! :-)

I live so close to the ocean, i need to go there more!!

Canadian Saver said...

Very very nice! Sounds like an awesome trip!

Anonymous said...

Victoria looks beautiful. I've never been. Thanks for sharing photos.