Saturday, 13 September 2008

Weekend Round-Up

My day off today! So it's time to do some things around the house - dishes, laundry, hang some plastic in the windows (one down, but have been putting off doing the rest because I have to fiddle around the blinds, so it's a bit time consuming), and go for lunch and shopping with a friend.

On the shopping list today: a new winter jacket, something in between my parka and my windbreaker; a really skookum pair of gloves as I seem to have real trouble keeping my hands warm in the winter; and I have to remember to pick up my prescription! I have a savings account that will be suitable "mad money" for these items, so I won't have to be putting it on a credit card or taking it out of an account that I need.

My biggest expense this week was a vet bill for $510.65 for my cat Bylaw, who had a dental appointment. I was expecting it to be twice that, actually, so I was - dare I say it? - pleasantly surprised to hear the amount. The reason it's "so cheap" is that Bylaw didn't need any extractions, which I'm curious about. Maybe that's another visit...Regardless, it came from the vet account, and I paid by debit, so no credit card interest!

I did spend $66.42 on groceries & cat food, too. Not bad, but instead of doing the smart thing and "shopping" at home first, I picked up 4 loaves of bread for a really good price only to find I had 4 already in the freezer at home! So, I reckon I'm good for bread for about 6 months now, as I don't eat as much bread as I used to! Granted, this was a last minute shop instead of a planned one, so not surprising I bought stuff I didn't need!

I spent three days in a workshop this week, where all meals were supplied, so all I needed (oops! "wanted") was my tea from Tim's to start my day off right. To top it off, I'll be getting a little overtime as I was involved in presenting at the workshop. Yay! And I'm still waiting for a reimbursement cheque for a trip at the end of August. That will likely arrive sometime next week and should add just over $100 to my finances.

So, despite a couple of big spends, it's actually not as bad as I thought and I STILL have lots left in my chequing account!

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Canadian Saver said...

I'm guessing your cool/cold days are going to start soon... I don't blame you for planning for that now.

That's a really big vet bill :-( Great job having the money for that!!

Hope you have a good week :-)