Saturday, 6 September 2008

Daily Tracking September 6

I'm spending my day off puttering about and trying to get caught up on a few things. I did a big load of laundry, which washed while I went out for an hour to pick up a few things.

After my financial boost of cancelling a couple of unncessary things over the past week or so, I didn't do particuarly well today, even though I made a list before I went out.

Cat litter
Water (x2 or 3): ...

Cost: $0.59?? Wow! Somebody certainly made a mistake in my favour when ringing through my 12 bottles of water! Whoops... :-P

I wanted to stock up on the flats of 35, but they were sold out. I realize it's sort of stupid to BUY water, but I recycle the bottles and donate the proceeds to the Humane Society.

Total: $11.62

Pillows: x2.

My pillows were awful. Constant pounding and "fluffing" didn't help, so I bit the bullet and bought two new ones today. I took my older pillows (I had 4) to charity, as they're still okay, I just haven't been sleeping very well lately, so I updated the pillows and hope they'll help.

2 pillows: $16
6 rolls paper towel: $5.00

Also purchased was a travel bag, as I don't have one that suffices for short trips. I don't need a regular sized suitcase for a weekend away, so this will be a good compromise and is the perfect size for carry-on luggage for a plane, too.

Travel bag: $15

Total: $37.80

And the unnecessary purchases (I was swayed by the colours...):

3 new towels: $20.95

The old towels will be donated to the Humane Society for their monthly dog wash as they're still in good enough shape to use for quite a few dogs!

I made a dozen muffins this afternoon, too, so I have snacks to take to work for the next few days. I've only paid for one visit to Tim Horton's this week, too, as one co-worker paid for my tea and another owed me one. :-)

Travel plans for Dawson City are in the works for the week of September 22. It's going to be way more work than the last time we were there in August as our task this time is to thoroughly weed the library and barcode some of the books in preparation for automation sometime in October.

This will be a LOT of work, but will equal some serious overtime. My status at work means that I have to get paid out for any overtime that I earn instead of taking it as time owing. Time owing would be a nice option in this case as I'm taking a few days off in mid-October and won't be getting paid for it. Everything should balance out okay as long as I designate the funds properly.

I'm still waiting (a bit impatiently) for my expense cheques from last month, too, but will get my overtime on my next paycheque on Wednesday. I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be getting, but it will be designated appropriately.

I also had some good news from a friend in Victoria today. She and I had been sharing a storage locker since just before I moved North two years ago. Today, she emptied it out! She's just bought a house and is going to keep my things for me. Not only does that save me $240 a year, I have a little refund of $30 due to me!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

woo hoo re the storage locker!!!

You are doing so well :0)

Canadian Saver said...

Sounds like you got stuff you needed, so don't feel bad. Great idea about bringing the towels and other such things to the humane society. My mom dropped off a couple bags last time along with one of those after-surgery cones that my Lab had used... they said it would definitely come in handy.

I wish I could work OT, they don't often approve it though :-( It is a great way to boost savings!

Have a great week, and stay away from Tim Hortons ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Very thoughtful of you for donating the towels! :)

Mmm... i read your blog and now i wanted a steeped tea from Timmys! hehe.